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Nexus S 4G case

While we would much rather see the phone that goes in it, Nexus S 4G cases on the shelves at a Sprint store has to be a good sign.  An observant reader sent us this, and it gets us a little tingly.

We've seen Best Buy pre-order pages and order pages, and Sprint is spotlighting the nexus S 4G on their page.  It can't be too long now, it just can't.  Or can it? [via the Android Central app] See More Nexus S Accessories

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April 27th.

Or maybe May 8 :)

Is the Nexus S 4G going to be loaded with Sprints bloatware? Spring Football, Nascar, etc?

MNTwinsFan says:

No. It's Pure Google.

Awesome. That is great news. :D

Sci3nc3 says:

Nope. It doesn't even have the usual Samsung UI. It's unmolested Gingerbread, no bloatware.

kerred says:

Hopefully sooner than later.
What is the best case for the S 4G?
First apps I should download?
Brand new to Android.My current phone is a Pre minus from launch day.

craigwann says:

These would all be great questions for the formus.

craigwann says:

Pre- here too. It's amazing how many pre owners are moving towards the Nexus. I wonder, is it the sleek form factor, or is it just because it's the first major phone released on sprint after HP's disappointing pre3/veer announcement. For me, it's both, plus I like the idea of the Nexus line.

uansari1 says:

Just be careful with it and go case free..much sexier and better feel. Typing this from my mint Nexus One that I bought upon release. ;-)

kerred says:

Thanks for the link!!!

piercenkc says:

a good source of mine claims may 8th is the most likely scenario.

from what i've read, training doesn't begin on it until this coming monday. i'd imagine they'd need at least a week, maybe 2 to get up to speed with it.

MNTwinsFan says:

What type of training do they need on this phone? push on/off button here, volume, etc..

I can understand Google voice functions.

Imagine the flood of "why can't I do XXXXX, my Epic (Evo, Optimus,Zio, Transform, Hero, Moment, etc) can do it?" when people first use a pure Google device.

Reps need trained on what it does out of the box, and what it let's you use any third party app you like to do. Believe it or not, not having Peep or SprintNFL is both a blessing and a curse :p

MNTwinsFan says:

What? No SprintNFL? :(

Gameboy70 says:

People are going to have lots of questions. Should they use the main number as their GV number, or get/keep a second number? How do they configure and use the web interface? How does this affect their billing for voice and texts? How do notifications work? These things aren't obvious to everyone, especially people who don't sit around all day reading tech blogs.

mhorts#AC says:

customer service rep told me she was being trained on it 3 days ago (tuesday the 19th.) I am a former Pre owner that moved to Epic 4G Galaxy S, kind of stuck in Froyo hell and anxious for the purity of it all. Would love a good onscreen keyboard, keeping my fingers crossed.

jp22382 says:

Pre owner here also. Swype is the only reason I'll be ok with using a virtual keyboard :)

kerred says:

so you can get swype on the nexus?

MNTwinsFan says:

Swype is not a part of stock android.. its an add on..

kerred says:

Oh ok! Thanks

MNTwinsFan says:

Your Welcome! :-)

MNTwinsFan says:

No Nexus S 4G accessories in my local Sprint store. :(

Jeryl31 says:

i suppose if you want a pure android phone and on Sprint this is the phone, but i hope most Sprint customer will wait for the Evo3D

Sprint has done a wonderful job this year for their customers and have done their best to keep us in the forfront of smartphone technology I applaud that. I am awaiting on the Htc Evo 3d myself being a current Evo 4g owner has been great. I welcome the Nexus S4g this shows that sprint/google are forming a great partnership for the future and we all will benefit from that...Bottom line here if your on any other network and your not ROLLING WITH SPRINT then your simply NOT ROLLING AT ALL..

lembowski says:

So this case is labled as being a High Gloss Gel case. Is that similar to TPU or more like silicon? Not familiar with Sprints accessories. I'm reading all over the forums that depending on the version of the Nexus S (i9020 or i9023) that some cases don't fit right that are out there and since the NS4G is slightly larger than both it looks like the only option is cases made specifically for the NS4G. I hope this is a TPU type case.