Ninjas and Nexus S

Remember the ninjas who unboxed the original Nexus One? They're back for the Nexus S, and they're breaking out of YouTube box and doing their ninja thing all over your browser. It's not your typical YouTube video and we can't embed it here, so hit up the link for some slicing and dicing.

Oh, when it's done, don't forget to scroll down the page for some nunchuck action! [Ninja unboxing]


Reader comments

The Nexus Ninjas return!


I can only get it to play until the red ninja jumps on the box and then it freezes.....This is YouTube and I'm using Chrome (tried Firefox too) so you think it should work fine, I can't stop and let the movie buffer since its not a normal video....I'll see it someday.

Play it more than once... it has alternative endings... I really like the bat wings on the Black Ninja!!!

I can watch the first one but not the second. Its just sits there and doesnt load. I right click and play and it just flashes the screen in an annoying loop and doesnt show anything. I've tried it several times
and I see no ninjas or anything.

People who cant see this video are you using the most recent version of chrome? do you have javascript turned off? It's working fine for other people so the problem must be with your machine or settings.

This Is awesome, I've been following Patrick Boivin's Videos for a while now, this is some pretty awesome stuff. Go red ninja!