Nexus 5 bumper

Google now has the three main Nexus 5 accessories in stock — that includes the bumper cases, QuickCover and wireless charger — available for purchase.

First, the links:

  • Nexus 5 Quick Cover (white or black) for $49.99
  • Nexus 5 Bumper Case (yellow or red) $34.99
  • Nexus Wireless Charger (Works with Nexus 4, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7) for $49.99 — U.S. and Canada only, apparently.

We've yet to get a good look at the QuickCover or Wireless Charger, but be sure to swing by our full look at the Bumper Case

Bumper black  Bumper Grey

Bumper Red  Bumper Yellow

quickcover black  quickcover white




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Nexus 5 QuickCover, Bumper Cases and Wireless Charger now in stock!


In regard to the Nexus 4 wireless charging orb, they usually don't. There are several Youtube vids of the Nexus 4 sliding right off of it.

to answer your question specifically, no the Nexus 4 does not have magnets in it like the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 so it will not be easy to line up correctly with this pad

Yeah, that's provided the LED notification is more important to you than the camera/flash on the back you just covered up :-)

I have a Spigen case on my N5. Will it interfere with wireless charging? Just wondering if anyone tried anything other than quick case or case less while using wireless charger...

Thanks for the heads up! Just ordered two wireless chargers for $124 out the door with overnight shipping, tax, tags, etc! What the hell - that's a bar bill on a light night!!! You only live once!!!!!!

sad isn't it? i must be getting old. excitement used to be strip clubs and now it's wireless chargers.

it's a good thing i got my order in when i did - i see now on the site it says "Limit reached". does that mean sold out or did the server crash?

I think it means you're not allowed to buy more wireless chargers; they have a set limit to the amount of a certain product each person can buy.

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Nice, got two of the chargers. Not too bad of a price. I can use these at home and my Nokia dt900 at work.

Oh do I want that wireless charger for my n5 and n7. Sounds like a good Christmas gift! And I'm kind of surprised the charger and quick case are the same price...I think the charger is reasonably priced but the cases....a little on the high side.

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I picked up 3 Nokia dt900 wireless chargers for $60 total. Are people paying $50 for this charger just because it's the official Nexus charger?

yes. wireless charging can be fickle - it's still a relatively new technology despite the "Qi" standard. i like OEM and i like standard non-proprietary cables. i don't trust some shit company's accessories like Nokia or Blackberry with my new phone. plus it's a beautiful design. i'll pay extra for that.

Come on man, if you're going to diss BlackBerry at least do it for a product they have. They don't have a Wireless charging plate.

Nokia is a totally different since they make stuff like this ;)

Yeah, the above comment is right, the things can be very moody. Have you tried the DT900 with a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7? I'd be interested in the charge rate but mostly about the heat.

I have used the Nokia qi charger with both the nexus 5 & 7. It works so great that a bought another one today from att for $25

The Nokia charger was known to be unreliable with the N4. Not sure about the N5.

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Aren't all the Nokia's like 850mA output anyway? They're gonna be slower, not unbearably so mind you, but if I'm gonna be the setting the phone down and picking it up constantly I'd want it to charge as fast as possible while it's down...

That being said, I might pick up one of those angled Nokia ones that serve as a stand and test it for myself... The Microsoft store has them for a reasonable price, which makes it easier to return it locally if I'm not pleased with it.

I know I want at least 3 Qi pads now that my phone and tablet are both Qi enabled: desk, bedside, and living room. I'm reasonably happy with the small LG puck, just ordered the Google one, and I've got a Samsung I'm gifting away. The Samsung works fine, just kinda large, ugly color, and less seamless for setting the tablet on.

Guess the Nokia's worth a shot, specially for the desk... Phone tends to sit there for longer stretches and it's be nice to hold it up in view while charging.

Hmm, crawled thru a few Xda threads... It seems Qi was initially flaky on the N4 regardless of pad, one of the updates actually addressed this and accounted for how different pads were reported.

The flat 900 Nokia pad was never 100% right with the N4 but there were many users that said it worked fine with a case or something else that raised the phone off the pad a bit. The upright 910 seemed to cause less issues, it also uses a simpler design (single coil vs three, since the phone's only meant to sit in it one way).

A more recent thread on the N5 boards seems to indicate either one works just fine with the Nexus 5 (and they're on sale at AT&T's site atm btw). It seems none of the pads shut off with the N5 once it's fully charged, doesn't mean it necessarily keeps charging unless the phone's circuitry isn't doing it's job, but the pad will generate some warmth as electricity keeps going thru the coil.

I'll probably pick up the upright 910 tomorrow and I'll have the Google one next week, so I'll be able to compare them along with the LG puck, and also see if the N7 behaves any differently as far as shutting off the charger etc.

Hey phone cases on AC. Think you'll ever get any for the Verizon G2 in the next year?

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Unless you really need the Nexus branding wireless charger, spending an extra $10 with free shipping for a LuguLake is a much better value, and its more of a true "wireless" charger.

$34.99 + tax+ the cheapest shipping option = over $40 for a 3 cent rubber back cover.
you have to be crazy to pay.

Same, got a black Diztronic for when I wanna look sharp or stealthy, red Cruzerlite with an Andy/circuit design for daily use. :D

I did the same for my EVO LTE too. The Diztronics cover the buttons and Cruzer's don't, which works better is really subjective. Both places have great service.

Black and gray still "coming soon." I'm kinda glad that I went with another case

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Just want to know if the magnets in this are strong enough to work with a TPU case on the phone. It looks really small, I was considering the Panasonic QE-TM101-K since the landing zone was so big.

Is that the Japan-only one (sold on Ebay of course) that actually finds your phone and repositions the charging coil underneath? It looks so cool, like something straight out of scifi...

There's one problem with it though, it stops charging when the phone reaches 100%. Turns itself off, so if you leave it overnight you'll lose 5-10%, maybe more depending on your schedule and background syncs.

It's a shame too cause the fact that it requires zero precise positioning makes it ideal for the beside. I almost bought it until I read about that on Xda, and still almost bought it when I thought I saw it for $35 (didn't see the +$15 shipping, bleh).

I'm definitely trying the Google one, if the magnets make it less finicky I'll get a second... The LG one I have is about the same size and it hasn't been much of a hassle, I actually prefer it for my tablet over the larger Samsung one (since the tablet overhangs more out the sides it's easier to pick up or even center).

Probably gifting the Samsung away even though it was the cheapest, got it on sale... Regular price is no less than the others and AC's shop price is bonkers.

Did yours originally state it'd be leaving in a few days? When placed, my order said it'd be shipped on the 24th (not likely, that's Sunday), but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes out earlier.

They seem to be trying to under promise and over deliver lately... My Nexus 5 was ordered the 31st, estimated shipping was the 8th (following Friday), it went out on the 4rd and arrived Wednesday the 6th.

I'm also surprised they're charging so little to ship to Puerto Rico. It was like $13 for 2-day on the phone and $3 for the cheapest saver shipping on the Qi pad, no tax to boot. Not that I usually get charged tax online, but it seems Google does charge tax almost everywhere in the US.

I do often get reamed on shipping to Puerto Rico tho... Thank God for Shoprunner and Prime and a scant few stores that extend their free shipping offers to PR.

1. i'm in a major city on the east coast.
2. i chose the 1 day/OVERNIGHT shipping ($16.99).
3. it initially said "Ships by/Leaves the warehouse by November 22."
4. Nexus 5 shipping was a similar deal - under promise and over deliver - BUT there was no 1 day/overnight shipping available on the phone.
5. Chargers shipping from Louisville, KY just like the phone.

Do you guys know if the headphone jack cutoff of the bumper case fits those oversized headphone jacks such as ATH-M50 or similar?

While it is pricey I purchased a black one. Look for a $350 off contract phone I guess they need to make their money somewhere. I don't mind paying the extra price. They already hooked me up on the price of the phone.

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