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Updated: Launch Tuesday morning Euro time now on the cards?

Update: Keuchel has updated his post, indicating that Google has "stepped on the gas" and as such, the plan is to start taking orders through the Google Play devices store tomorrow morning, "around breakfast time" in Germany. (That's early morning Pacific time.) We've updated the article below to include this new information. An earlier post by the Google Germany employee suggested a late afternoon Euro launch.

We know many a smartphone nerd will have been hoping for a midnight debut of the new Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, which were announced a couple of weeks ago with a Nov. 13 launch date. However, it seems Google has other plans for its new phone and tablet launch. Google Germany employee Stefan Keuchel took to Google+ today to inform followers that the new devices would not be available at the stroke of midnight, as some had speculated. Instead, he says he's learned that Germans will be able to start ordering devices tomorrow morning Euro time. There's no information as to whether the devices will go on sale in the U.S. around the same time.

Take this with a pinch of salt, though, as the Google mothership has yet to make any official statement on the exact time of availability. But if devices do show up online around Tuesday morning German time, Europeans can expect to start receiving orders on Wednesday or Thursday of this week.

Keuchel warns against staying up to check the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, we'll be checking store listings regularly over the next 24 hours.

Source: +Stefan Keuchel


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Googler hints at time of Play Store Nexus 4/10 availability [updated]


F5 keys everywhere will be greatful for the most acurate info available as to when these will actually go live...


If you are using the latest Firefox, auto-refresh is built right into the browser. Just right click anywhere on the page, select "Reload Tab Every" and set a duration. On Chrome, I have heard there is an extension to add it. If you are on IE, well, you shouldn't be.

Nexus 4 doesn't have me excited (I got the Note 2 instead :) ), but boooy am I waiting to see how the Nexus 10 turns out! Do I smell Christmas Present from me to me? :D (Or even better, from a wonderful AndroidCentral giveaway to yours truly)

Yet still no review for the nexus 10 on ANDROID CENTRAL?

Sorry I am not trolling just anxiously awaiting a review so I know what I need to get-imho Android central is one of the best places for reviews.

Sent from my nexus 7 via chrome.

Because Phil got both the 4 and the 10. Bad idea IMO. I think Phil should have did the 4 and anyone else (Jerry maybe) should have done the 10. I dont get why 1 person had to do both especially when Phil takes his sweet time with Nexus Phones (which isnt a bad thing).

Actually Phil said on the last podcast that he sent it to Jerry. Jerry's doing the review, and stated on the podcast he would complete it by today.

I'm pretty sure Jerry is doing the 10 least that's what I remember hearing on the podcast...and it's supposed to be done today.

DOH...beat me to it...

In the podcast Phil did say that he sent the 10 to Jerry to review and he said that the review would be up today.

I could understand the wait if this site covered all tech. But it doesn't even cover all phones and tablets, it just covers android. I mean there are only a few flagships a year and these devices are some important ones. Besides we won't get a good / realistic review until after the final software is pushed tmrw.

I was just hoping to have a review before work.....

i contact google on this last week by email. and they replying saying that it will be available at the same time (east coast, west coast) on 11/13. they didnt give me a time. but most likely it will be west coast time.

Im gonna stay up till about 2am and then wake up at 6am...hopefully I'm able to order one. Heck, I forgot that new call of Duty comes out tonight. I may be up all night

Does anyone know an actual time on when the buying page will go live on the play store ?? 12am? 1am? 2am?

Anyway, I don't see whats so hard about saying an exact time. Not like anyone would be mad at them for releasing it on Google's time zone. Anyway, I doubt there will be that much demand for this phone at that time. Looks like everyone is getting the 116 GB so hopefully Google learned from their mistake with the Nexus 7.

There's an update again on his Google+.
He says it'll be available already for "breakfast" tomorrow morning, in Germany that is.

By the way, just for completing everything:
He posted on his twitter that it will launch at 9am here +/- 30 minutes, which equals midnight PST, and that makes perfect sense.
Happy buying everyone. :)

I think what he meant was that we all just want the phone to come out already. Do you guys think the phone might sell out?

This really hurts me to tell you, and Miss South Carolina... but 'tomorrow morning' in German IS loosely speaking 'the stroke of midnight', here in north America.