One of T-Mobile's flagship offerings is their MyFaves feature which allows free calling to a certain amount of people on any network. It's a fairly popular aspect of T-Mobile and according to some customers, it is now being offered (for a limited time only, of course) as a free add-on!

We're not sure about the exact specifics necessary in your rate plan, length of contract, etc. in order to receive MyFaves for free but it's definitely worth calling T-Mobile and checking it out. From what we're hearing, a lot of folks are receiving it but some aren't so lucky. Let us know in the comments if you do try to add MyFaves for free!


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Well after I read about the promo on here I called right away and they said since I was a loyal customer and in good standings I could get it all I had to do was sign a new 2 year contract my contract was up anyway so I have the my faves free.

Ryan says:

If you call and go through the retentions department or customer loyalty department you can get it added for free. Since it is a new promo, they seem to be the only ones that really know about it. I was told that I could not get it added without removing my corporate discount.

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