MSI tablet

Want a 10-inch tablet with a big black bezel for $500, all without that Apple/AT&T baggage? MSI has one in works, says Digitimes, source of all things sometimes true. The as-yet unannounced and unnamed tablet would run an as-yet unidentified version of Android, powered by a Tegra-based processor. And unlike the iPad (which you guys weren't too keen on, by the way), this one would feature "all the functions of a regular notebook." [Digitimes]


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MSI reportedly has $500 Android tablet coming later this year


I would buy this over that iCrap pad

Fuck apple they are overhyped and the only thing they ever made good was the ipod.

I don't understand why webcams and microphones are missing from these devices. It seems natural that they should have them. Imagine using Skype video calls on these tablets. Once I see one with that capability, then I'll get excited.

that would be awesome but what kind of office apps would it support? apple made all new office apps for their new machine.

In the long term writers (including students) require a proper keyboard. Pads are fashionable right now, but I need a laptop with a pixel qi screen. I'm waiting for it. Waiting and waiting. Waiting...
(Along with millions of others.)