What, you though you'd get a whole day off from the Google phone craziness? Muwahahaha! And there's more where that came from after the break! [via TheNexusOne]


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More Nexus One videos to haunt you while you sleep


Well from what i saw/heard in the first video its only going to vibrate twice for a phone call?

It better vibrate through out the whole ringing process otherwise im gonna be angry!

Other then that this phone looks pretty goood...

I honestly couldn't give a crap less about the Nexus One. It's not coming to consumers, it's a Google testbed, and in all likelihood HTC is just gonna release it on their own later. It's not a "Google Phone" anymore than the Droid is.

All these freaking news stories about the Nexus One are clogging up other news. How about news about apps? Maybe some new hot ones, or the progress they've made in making a Droid ROM.

This Nexus One stuff was not interesting at all. That kind of hardware is to be expected at this point.

Here we go, how about a video app that plays m4v files? Now THAT would be interesting. I h8 Nexus 1.

Wow smh. Reading comments on this site, along with a few others, just proves that something is never enough for people. Can't just take news or anything for that matter for what its worth. Appreciate tech for what it is while it last & before it becomes obsolete.

I use Wondershare video converter, it could between all popular Video formats ( AVI, MKV, MP4, WMV, FLV, MPEG etc.). I spent ages looking at best Android video converter, tried loads and finally settled on this because it is quick, and most of all its best at batch jobs. Great when I wanted to convert my family guy, DS9 and farscape in one sitting.

Doubletwist does a good job at conversion, the whole thing is that I shouldn't have to convert video. Android, being so contemporary, really should be able to play m4v files. I already ripped all my DVD's to m4v format. My Palm Pre played em, Storm/2 plays em, heck even my HTC Touch Diamond was able to play em.

Droid is the first touchscreen smartphone I've ever had that won't play em.

Handbrake for me for video conversion... set the Ipod preset, and alter the screen size and you set. Also allows batch conversions which is nice.

Animation actually looks pretty pointless and wasteful of battery resources.

People make fun of Apple for being all pretty graphics with no substance. But most Apple graphics are really useful eye candy and help to convey information. When you minimize a window to the dock in Mac OS X, it shrinks and slides down to the dock so that anyone can visually understand where it went.

When you go to the next picture on the iPhone, it slides to the next one, giving you a nice metaphor of a deck of photos that your thumbing through.

But so far Google seems clueless. They add random animation sequences with no rhyme or reason. In Android 1.x you could turn on animation between screens independent of the application. Totally pointless.

Apple has been very concerned with saving battery life on the iPhone. Here the Nexus one shows a meaningless animation sequence meant to distract you, serving no useful purpose. It conveys no useful information. Yet it makes the phone stay busy doing useless graphics, using up CPU cycles and increasing battery usage.

A functional home screen or some meaningful graphics would help. This is pointless.

The HTC video of the weather widget showing rain drops coming down the screen. That looks cool and helps convey that its raining. Not like this.

I assume Google will figure things out eventually. But I think this type of random pointless flailing at eye candy may give Android a bad name compared to the iPhone for the general consumer.

Above commenter if your concerned about battery life and "pointless or useless" things in new technology you wouldn't even be using an iPhone. iPhone fanboys just get worked up when something comes along to challenge there toys. Nexus One won't be an iPhone killer but it will assist in killing the monopoly AT&T and Apple are running. Android has opened an entire new way of slowing down what could have been the new Microsoft of cellular innovation. From where I'm looking, in a few years Android will be the Windows of wireless OS's and iPhone will take the back seat as has the Mac os. Apple has put the thumbscrews down to tight and when you see a website run on an android using flash and your worried about "pointless or useless" things on a phone, you may think twice about it's "eye candy".
As far as HTC us concerned I can say 2 things that are very important to me as a phone geek, sd card and battery. Both can be removed and replaced where as if your iphone has a problem it's off to the shop leaving you holding your sim card in your desk drawer.