The Jelly Bean 4.1.1 images for selected Nexus models have been released by Google, allowing you to roll back to a safe, factory state no matter how bad you've f&%^#d up your Nexus. The particular models are  --

This is good news for all of us who hack and modify our Nexus devices, as having an easy and safe way to return to a booting device is the first rule of Android hacking. You can grab the images at the source link, and be sure to hit the forums for more information about how this all works if you have any questions.

Source: Android Developers; via Android Central forums


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Jelly Bean factory images released for (some) Nexus models


waiting anxiously for the Nexus S 4G (Sprint) JB factory image to be posted. I am disappointed it hasn't been released at the same time as the others, but I'll hang with it.

Man screw Sprint.. If it wasn't for the developer community I would throw away my NS4G. It's sickening to own a NEXUS DEVICE and have to watch phones get all the updates before you.. Step it up Google! I can't imagine how pissed Verizon GNex owners must be!

I'm a VZW GNex owner. I'm not pissed. I just unlock and flash ROM's on this thing like crazy. I have a factory image to 4.0.4 just in case I need to go back and send this thing back in if it breaks. Good enough for me.

Google has nothing to do with your phone not getting your update, so shut up! Blame your crappy carrier and its crappy radio technology.

I've been using GSM phones for years.. This is one of the only cdma phones I've owned and I feel like I got the shaft with this purchase so go **** yourself man. And last I checked Nexus devices were meant to be developer devices! If you were a developer and you couldn't test your applications on the latest version of android before it hits the masses you would understand why this bothers me so much. Oh and I believe the first sentence of my last post said "screw Sprint". Maybe you should read my post before you make yourself look like a moron.

Yea you said screw Sprint and then said "Step it up Google!". If you were as smart as you think you are, you would've already known that GSM phones get supported better then CDMA from the Nexus S era, so agian, SHUT UP! This site stated before the GN launched that it wasn't a true Nexus. Don't buy shit knowing how the update progress going to be and then bitch about it when you don't get your update in time.

Call me nutty...but I've never quite understood the "The new version is out and I must have it right this second" mentality that I've seen. Sure, it would be fantastic if that could happen...but in my mind, it's jsut not that big of a deal. I'm a Verizon Nexus owner...I absolutely love my phone. I know that JB has been released and if I want it that bad, it's certainly easy enough to do myself, but trashing the carriers for not dropping it on your device the moment it comes out seems a little ridiculous to me. If you're a VZW or Sprint customer, you should know this by now...there's testing to be done before they sign off on it. I'd rather have an update that was put through its paces for a little bit to make sure it's solid and stable and working properly than to have it released the moment it drops, just so I can scream about the things that do not function the way they're supposed to and have to wait for another update to fix the bugs. I guess I'm in the minority on this one. Just my opinion...

No you're 100% right. Just cause he phones look alike doesn't mean its the same phone. They have to test it for there network and make sure its stable. Plus like you said,who cares, who have to have an update asap. Its always best to workout all the bugs.

Only if Google would release the Galaxy Nexus 4G JB build without the radios. They did that awhile back when we were waiting for VZN to push out updated version of ICS.