Paypal on the Galaxy S5

Access your funds with a single swipe of a finger

The Finger Scanner – don't call it a fingerprint scanner! – on the Samsung Galaxy S5 is more than just a gimmicky piece of hardware used to unlock your phone. OK, so it does unlock your phone, but one of the other neat things it can do is let you authenticate PayPal with a swipe of your finger.

It isn't set up by default – even if you've already registered at least one fingerprint on the phone – but it's not a difficult process to get done. Read on to see how.

Paypal on the Galaxy S5

You'll first of course need the PayPal app on your phone. This bit is important, since you need to get the PayPal app from Samsung Apps, not the Google Play Store. The version in the Play Store doesn't have the necessary bits built in to use fingerprint authentication.

You actually need to update an additional application to your Galaxy S5 before it will allow you to connect your fingerprint to your PayPal account. The NNL Fingerprint Passport as it's known allows you to use the registered fingerprints on your Galaxy S5 with FIDO Ready online services, such as PayPal. Don't worry about looking for it, you're prompted to download the updated protocols when you set things up.

Getting up and rolling is easy, though:

  • Log in to your PayPal account with your username and password
  • In the side menu, tap on settings
  • About half way down you should see a menu item labelled Login Options
  • This is where the Samsung app differs. You'll now see options to choose how you want to login that includes registering your fingerprint. Tap that menu item
  • You're then asked to verify your password again
  • Once you've entered your password, a box pops up prompting you to link your fingerprint to your account. Swiping your finger once should do the trick (it'll tell you if you were off center or anything.)

And that's all there is to it. Next time you go to login to the PayPal app instead of seeing a box asking you to verify your username and password, you'll be asked to swipe your finger. Especially convenient if – and you should absolutely be – you're using a particularly complex password.

For more, see our Galaxy S5 help page, and swing by our GS5 forums!

Download: PayPal for the Galaxy S5 from Samsung Apps

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Junior chuxx says:


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mwara244 says:

Sweet for everyone but Verizon customers, Verizon blocked scan fingerprint from GS5 on their network for paypal. So all you can use it for is just unlocking your phone I guess.

Xm_jdm says:

lol. Verizon sucks.

maskjaq says:

Thank you very much for such a detailed guide to login to Paypal with my fingerprint. My Galaxy S5 came with the samsung app store installed so I didn't have to do the first step.

ab304945 says:

I hope you are calling apples finger print scanner, the same

Posted via Android Central App

Why? Apple's is called Touch ID, Samsung's is called Finger Scanner...

Unless........ You have Verizon. Then no PayPal swipy for you!

vicw926a4 says:

Is that true? I had heard a comment that it might be. Would like a confirmation from AC

If so, it's time for pitchforks, or perhaps just one more reason for me to leave Verizon for my upcoming phone purchase

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mwara244 says:

Effing Verizon, watch in a couple months they install it for their ISIS Mobile payments.

I'm so sick and tired of Verizon making up the rules as they go along, these carriers need heavier regulations from the FCC. They do anything to hinder innovation in favor of them squeezing every nickel they can for their services from their customers. This is almost like blocking GWallet all over again like they did with the GNex.

3rdpig says:

Yea, more government intervention! They fixed healthcare, next we'll get them to fix the carriers!

Thanks, but no thanks. The market will drive Verizon and if it doesn't, then enough people don't care about it to take their money somewhere else.

MWARA244 what industry to you work for? I bet Medical, Insurance, Wall Street, Government, Car Dealer what ever I'm sure your company is squeezing that same penny from its customers. It not like Verizon is the first to ever do this.
just sayin,

eyecon82 says:

Too bad samsung lied about this $50 paypal merchant credit....

paypal is saying they are giving "offers" based up to $50...

what a switch and bait!

Tucker Nebel says:

Yea, this made me very sad. ..

natefish says:

Step one: have a workable finger scanner! I'm really glad I didn't buy this phone for that feature because it doesn't work. Working only half the time (if that) qualifies as "doesn't work" in my book.

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codiusprime says:

So you didn't buy it, but you somehow know it doesn't work? Are you magic?

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Methinks you read his reply wrong.

edditnyc says:

This is really annoying when trolls like this say something doesn't work when they don't even own the phone. I own the Galaxy S5 and I can tell you the fingerprint scanner works great. It's a simple swipe down of the home button and it unlocks my phone consistently. Using finger print ID for PayPal is really cool. I already set this up last night and I can't wait to use it.

I don't have a problem with the fingerprint scanner either. It worked every time with the exception of my hands being wet from holding a drink.

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I think the OP was saying that he/she did not buy the phone solely for the fingerprint scanner, so he/she is not as disappointed that it doesn't work well. But hey maybe I'm misinterpreting what he/she wrote.

Vacmfuzzy says:

Uhm,he didn't say he didn't buy the phone, he said he didn't buy it for the finger scanner.

jschu22 says:

Its really annoying when people fail at reading comprehension.

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A2theC says:

I would have to agree, but add that it is even more annoying when people fail at writing composition.

jschu22 says:

I agree.

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Haven't had a single failure on it yet

So lame that I would be required to use an additional App Store to have access to something built into the hardware. God bless you if you use amazon as well.

A2theC says:

This is for security purposes, it's not open source for the reason of making the specific technology secure.

NoNexus says:

Just another damn gimmick feature

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A2theC says:

Gimmick feature that is useful...

deeb215 says:

Must be a glitch in the sarcasm detector or you're very unfamiliar with NoNexus...

danibal says:

I installed the correct app last night, had it working no problem. This morning I noticed my battery was going a lot quicker than usual. Looked at the battery statistics and the number one thing was paypal. Even after I had logged out of paypal. Anyone else notice this?

labratqld says:

YES!! I contacted PayPal about this, they seemed none the wiser, hopefully they'll fix it. I want to use it but gee it sucks the juice...

Finally someone understands the potential behind biometrics. Still not secure enough for my tastes, but we're heading in the right direction

Usama Vinni says:

thats nice
if anyone read some really good stuff come there

canids says:

Help. Since updating to kit kat 4.2.2 on my s4 I now cannot use winamp or Windows Media Player to transfer music files. Seems to find the sd card and starts to sync but then Vista stops at 1%. Any ideas anyone?

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no paypal for the Canadian Telus version either.