Pretty much looks like my kids, actually.


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Hey, look - another Nexus 7 commercial


Nice commercial. To bad I just returned my 2nd defective Nexus (1st display was ghosting and 2nd one not charging). NOt very happy !!!!!!!!

Google is doing it right, however, they forgot to put the $199 price tag in this commercial. I think $199 would generate additional impulse to buy.

Okay, the URL at the end is brutal. You cannot honestly expect anyone to go type that up. (I know, I would, and some users here would, but the average customer is not going to type that up). Google should have bought some url's to redirect, or simply used something like "" and have that redirect.

The other thing they should have mentioned is the $200 price point, I think that is the big seller. The only problem with that though I guess, is the fact that google isn't selling the two hundred dollar version in stores, and that the only way to get it is online.

I agree about the URL and oddly enough, Google owns, but doesn't have it setup at all.

Anyways, I am still hoping (dreaming) that Google will put out a 10" Nexus, I just can't use a 7" tablet.

Absolutely, I keep eagerly trololololing every android blog in existence looking for fresh news on a 10" Nexus device. I've loved my nexus phones, and I enjoy my tf101, but I know I would enjoy replacing it with a 10" nexus tablet.

Anyone know what the app is where she's running around and it shows a space ship flying around as she's moving around? (around :31)

Actually I think it's Galaxy on Fire 2, it's an awesome game on this tablet and one of my personal favorites.

I think these new commercials Google is putting out are fantastic. Not filled with useless tech information, just how great the device is.

These commercials are hitting the right audience. They know their market! Cookbooks, books, Skyping with family, and fun for kids, Google has made their Tablet mark!

Their edition of an Apple advert. Watch out though! If an Apple lawyer see this, Google will be sued... Just because they have a touchscreen on their tablet. That will teach them to mess with the fruity bunch.

Google is really showing that they know how to create beautiful, functional technology AND how to market it. Well played G.