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iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Take the two top smartphones available today and put them side by side, and you have what we present before you here -- the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The former needs little introduction. It's the iterative follow-up to the original iPhone 4, faster with a better camera and that newfangled Siri to chat with. The latter is the latest "Pure Google" phone, the first with the Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" operating system.

Let's take a brief look at the two phones side-by-side.

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We're very much looking at contrasting hardware here. The iPhone 4S, relatively unchanged in the physical sense in the past year, remains a mixture of glass, metal and a bit of plastic. The Galaxy Nexus, on the other hand, is unmistakeably a Samsung phone, with a familiar feel, the same textured battery cover we've seen on other Android smartphones. But while the Galaxy Nexus may feel familiar to an Android user, it's scaled things up significantly.

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy NexuxsiPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexuxs

That's the greatest physical difference between the two. The iPhone's got its 3.5-inch display, unchanged since the original iPhone was released in 2007, though the resolution has increased to 960x640 -- the so-called "Retina display" with 326 pixels per inch. The Galaxy Nexus display does things on a grand scale, with a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED display at 1280x720 resolution -- 315 pixels per inch. (About 96 vertical pixels are used for the new on-screen buttons, however.)

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy NexuxsiPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexuxs

We're not going to delve too much into the internals here. Both phones have dual-core processors and are fast, fast, fast. Period. (And that with Galaxy Nexus sporting more RAM.)

The Galaxy Nexus "only" has a 5MP camera. But it's got a "zero-lag shutter" which means when you press the button, that's the shot you get. The Google camera app is still a bit lacking, even if it did add panorama shots. For more functionality, such as HDR, you can snag a third-party camera app.

And removable batteries still win out, in our opinion. And tucked into the Galaxy Nexus battery is an NFC chip, though for some strange reason, Google Wallet isn't yet available for the Galaxy Nexus.

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy NexuxsiPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexuxs

But where Android absolutely has gone toe-to-toe with iOS is with Ice Cream Sandwich. Android 4.0 might be stuck with a goofy nickname, but it's absolutely the best version Google's released.

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy NexuxsiPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexuxs

The home screens are as customizable as they've ever been. But Google's made it simpler to do so than in previous versions. Widgets continue to make the Android experience more useful than ever, and they're more easily found in the app drawer. We're over the moon about Google cleaning up how to make folders on the home screen -- like in iOS, you just drag one icon on top of another, and a folder is created. And you can name them whatever you want. Feature well stolen borrowed.

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy NexuxsiPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexuxs

With the Galaxy Nexus, Google's gotten rid of the capacitive buttons and gone with on-screen buttons. We're still on the fence about that one -- partly because it's taking a little getting used to, and partly because we're not sure function hasn't given way to form on this one. Regardless, on-screen buttons certainly have more flexibility any sort of physical button.

What Ice Cream Sandwich has really done is bring some major refinement to Android while keeping the functionality, flexibility and ability to customize that Android owners have long since enjoyed. The Galaxy Nexus is one phone. And while it's an important phone -- every Nexus device is -- it's the prolification of Ice Cream Sandwich that we're really going to keep an eye on going into 2012.


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Head to head: Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone 4S


"The Galaxy Nexus display does things on a grand scale, with a 4.65-inch display"

A HUGE turn off for a lot of buyers.

4 inch screens are the sweet spot, and almost too big still for some female purchasers.

Apple has it right, and this coming from an Incredible 2 owner.

lol not at all. "HUGE" must mean small in your world. Cuz I see plenty of people, women especially rocking evos, bionics, thunderbolts, etc.

Several of the girls that I work with have EVOs and they love them. I guess girls just like things bigger.

In the Readers Choice Survey last summer of 5,000 people, only 9% wanted a 4" or smaller phone.

If Apple made gloves, they would come in any size you want as long as it was Extra Small.

The iPhone 4S is still missing:
1. 4G
2. Any size other than Extra Small
3. Notification LED
4. microSD
5. Removable Battery
6. HD Video Chat (still VGA, WiFi)
8. Facebook Sync
9. Flash
10. NFC
11. Full Gmail (Priority Inbox, etc.)
12. DRM-Free Music like Google & Amazon
13. Widgets
14. Other App Markets like Amazon or GetJar
15. 15-Minute free trial on apps
16. Theming (unless Jailbroken)
17. Visual Voicemail with Contact Photos
18. True hands-free Voice Coomands
19. Turn-by-turn navigation
20. Live Wallpaper
21. Haptic feedback (vibrate on key-touch)
22. Swype
23. Real predictive keyboards like SwiftKey
24. Bluetooth Mouse/keyboard
25. Goggles, Voice, etc.

I agree, my Evo with 4.3 inches is much more usable than my wife's iPhone 4 for my usage habits (or anyone with man hands)but I would love something around 5 inches. The Note looks really interesting with the exception of that stupid pen along with a noticeable absence from Sprint or the US market in general. Maybe the HTC Edge???

And don't point to the failure of the 5 inch Dell streak as an example of why the Note or Edge are bad ideas. The 5 inch streak was an old version of Android on sub par hardware. Dell had a great idea ahead of its time. It looks like Samsung learned a lot from Dell's 5" foray too. 2500MA battery, good screen resolution, adequate processor, this is built to be a phablet. The Streak did not have the benefit of current screen, OS, or other hardware advances and suffered as a result like many other 1st generation Android tablets.

I'm not one of those buyer.
your gonna have to speak for yourself on this one Sparky.
If Apple has done it right , why were there so many disappointed consumers when they found out the 4s screen didn't increase?

Note the Nexus 4.6" is the same size as a 4.3" current smartphone. The extra 0.3" is because the buttons are now on-screen, instead of hardware buttons.

that was evident from day one , but you cant say its not 4.65". when you go to video, the buttons disappear.

For me that's not a selling point. I don't watch video on my phone very often. I just don't think the onscreen buttons are attractive and I don't like that they could be in different locations/look different based on the app you are using. I'm sure I'll get used to it though since it is probably the future of Android.

I for one like the flexibility that virtual buttons offers. I just don't see the reason for capacitive buttons anymore.

so you mean to tell me you don't watch YouTube videos on your phone? you don't come on androidcentral and view their videos ?

This is positive. People want screens to be bigger when they are watching videos. Footprint size is the only thing worth complaining about if you want to complain about something. If it's footprint fits in my pocket and is comfortable to hold I want the screen to be as close to the footprint size as possible.

What about web browsing or eReading? I too am disappointed in the onscreen buttons. I do not like the physical buttons, but I think the dedicated capacitive buttons like on HTC phones is a good way to go design wise without cutting into precious screen real estate.

"4 inch screens are the sweet spot, and almost too big still for some female purchasers." iphone screen size is 3.5 inches and other people like the bigger screen.

That's the great thing about Android. You prefer a smaller screen. I like a bigger screen. We both can get what we want and not have a company decide for us. Win-win.

It's actually kind of hard to find a high end phone with a 4" or smaller screen this year. There actually isn't one on Sprint. I think the best phone in that size is the Evo Design which kind of has last years high end specs. No dual core, less ram,not as good of camera...

You do have a great point, and this is an area I wish Android manufacturers would fill. There are a lot of people who want a smartphone but also want something smaller and lighter.

Wait 2 weeks and the Droid 4 will be out. 4 inch screen. Top of the line hardware. Great physical keyboard. Problem solved.

"That's the great thing about Android. You prefer a smaller screen. I like a bigger screen. We both can get what we want and not have a company decide for us. Win-win."

Unless you want a pure Android experience with guaranteed OS updates. In which case you have exactly one phone to choose from each year. ;-)

Only power users care about a 'pure' Android experience and even updates to be honest. Most are just fine with what the phone comes with.

We have the illusion of choice. In reality, the herd-like mentality of OEMs means that the whole gamut of options is rather scarcely developed. There's no major OEM that does vanilla Android for its lineup. The OEMs tend to scale specs with screen size. So if you want a smaller screen, the rest of the specs are much worse. All this leads to very little differentiation in reality and much more limited choices than most Android fans would admit.

I'm living in China right now. I'll tell you that I see a lot of women, with comparatively smaller hands, using large phones just fine. I also have two Korean female friends with the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2. If they can use it, and like it, I'd be surprised if many others couldn't. Their hands are tiny.

So is it a HUGE turn off for a lot of buyers? I've yet to see that. And Samsung has yet to see that either. Good, large, phones like the S2 are selling as fast as they can make them.

PS. And if 4" screens are the sweet spot, then Apple apparently doesn't have it right.

My job here is done.

Same here in the Middle East..though iPhone still sells better than Android as most Arabs are all about what's fashionable..

I agree to a point. If it was a 4.3" screen with no capacitive buttons it would be a good size to me. That would give you a phone more the size of the Nexus S, rather than a phone that's starting to resemble a tablet.

that would be too small for me, and for anyone's who are into Nexus's current size. 4.65" is perfect. I'm glad they kept the size since the rumor mill started.

You do realize the difference is about a quarter inch... 4.3 has the physical buttons, the 4.65 does not... Its a wash.

I don't know why this has to be pointed out every time. I guess people just have trouble with critical thinking. The capacitive buttons are gone, and have been replaced with more screen space. So, the phone itself is only slightly larger than, say, the Thunderbolt. People see the screen size on the G-Nex and think the phone must be huge. No, it's about the size of phones we are seeing today, just with more screen real estate. Look at your Droid Incredible 2 for imagine the capacitive buttons were turned into more screen space. Do you grasp that the phone itself would be the same size, with just a bigger screen? Also, if 4 inches is the sweet spot according to you, then how does Apple have it right? The iPhone has a 3.5 inch screen. For me 4 inches is definitely not the sweet spot. I have big hands. My original Dinc with a 3.7 inch screen is the tiniest phone I can comfortably use. I can't wait to bet my hands on the G-Nex.

I'm really annoyed by people saying screen sizes are too big for their hands. It's not the screen size you need to worry about, its the size of the phone itself.

You can have a 4" screen with an inch of bezel and thick phone or a 4" screen with 2mm of bezel and a thin phone. The two phones will feel completely different in your hand yet have the same screen size.

Also, screens can be 4:3 or 16:9 which also makes a huge difference on how it feels in your hand.

Quit talking about sizes of screens and focus on what REALLY matters which is the size of the phone itself.

I know a few girls with thunderbolts, and other bigger phones, you can't pigeon hole all girls as against big screens.
I'm at 4.3 and from what I've seen on the nexus 4.65 is fine for a lot of people.

They will always make smaller phones as well for those who don't like big screens, but top of the line phone buyers seem to disagree with you, bigger is better and 4.3 is quickly becoming a minimum size for a top of the line phone.

3.5 inches is one of Jobs "personal measurements". That is why he wouldn't let it get any bigger. It is a "man thing"

The iPhone has a lot bigger footprint than the screen size dictates. That's one issue I've had with it... way too much unused space on both the top and bottom! I think the transition from physical buttons to ics on-screen buttons will be similar to the move from physical to virtual keyboards: a lot of resistance, at first, fading to quiet realization that it works quite well! Just another way to maximize realestate and make your phone look and feel as slick as possible!

Got to disagree. A 4inch display, for my tastes, is not the sweet spot but the minimum. I haven't used a device bigger than 4.3 but I will give it a go. Never again going below 4inch.

I want the Galaxy Nexus but no way i'm going to pay more than the iPhone's 649 dollars for the unlocked version.

Then wait for the US GSM version to come out and when it does get it unlocked... there are sites where you can buy an unlock code for about $30, it's not that hard.

I don't see why people would want to pay so much money when they can just wait then unlock it themselves.

Of course there is a premium price right now because you can't get it here yet, this is no different than any other phone!

Hey Phil, can you do us a favor when the time comes? I'm wondering if the GSM Galaxy Nexus battery door will fit on the Verizon version. I know the Verizon version is thicker, but I'm hoping it is still the same door. As soon as you get the VZW one in your hands can you try it? I would like to have a battery door that says "Google" on it instead of "Verizon."

@PHIL @VIPER... ME TOO. Will the international G-Nexus back battery cover FIT the VZW G-Nexus back battery cover. I don't want any bastardized "branding" from Verizon. It should just say GOOGLE!! PERIOD!

I have used the Nexus, samsung rep allowed me to goof with it. I currently use the BB bold touch and an incredible 2, and I too, was worried about the huge's a non issue. The specs lead you to believe its gigantic, it's not. It feels right. You can actually see what's on the screen and type w/o misstrokes. You will need to experience it to believe it, but it's amazing. And as far as iPhone....I have one of those too that isn't currently activated. Weak sauce. Same old stuff. iCS isn't perfect, but in my opinion, it's pretty damn close. I would like to see camera improvements and battery improvements over anything else.....but you know what, I can just pack an extra battery, which is small enough to put in any pant pocket. I will have the nexus ASAP after its release.

Take away the screen and you have an underwhelming phone in the Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy S2 should outperform it even. And there are a number of other phones, like the Evo 3D that will probably do better in games if that's your thing.

But yeah, that screen will sell this phone for the people who don't really realize why you buy a Nexus phone in the first place.

I don't really understand your comment. Why do you say other phones should outperform it? Why would the GS2 outperform it? Because of Exynos VS TI? I don't really think that'll make THAT much of a difference. It's pushing a lower-res screen, so it may do slightly better in certain benchmarks, but then you've got a lower res screen. What makes the Evo 3D better for games?

I'm not a Nexus nut, but the gnex is a compelling device... the screen is the visual selling point, but there are other merits like zero shutter lag and ICS. Big stuff.

But this phone isn't just about performance, it's about development. The TI processor is what ICS has been optimized for. So they made a phone that is optimized for ICS to be developed with.

Of course the SGS2 will outperform the GN but only in terms of Camera and possibly speed. But the SGS2 probably won't see any ICS til around March (or at least some CM9) IMO. So if it floats their boat to get a damn good phone til a slightly (like a grain of salt) better phone gets it's update, then let them.

I see it like this:

Nexus is the developer "pure google" phone, and that's awesome. BUT... You can invest in the Android ecosystem, and KNOW that next year, you can buy any of several different form factors -- whatever suits your needs best at the time -- without losing your investment. With iOS, you invest in that ecosystem and it's pretty sure that next year, you have the choice of ONE phone running it. Don't like the new model? Disappointed, maybe? Tough. Throw your investment in the trash and select another platform, or buy whatever Apple has released and hope you like it. I love Apple's hardware, but that just SUCKS.

If for this reason and this reason alone, I will be using Android phones for the forseeable future. I hope Apple changes this, as I would love to see what they would do with different form factors.... but who knows when, or even IF? I want a platform that suits me, not the other way around.

Completely agree. This is why I'm switching to Android with the Nexus. My 3GS was awesome for the first while. But for the past 6 months or so, I've begun looking for my next phone. With Apple it is such a pain in the ass. I don't know when the next phone will arrive, what it will look like, or how it will compare to the major competition. If, like what happened with the 4S, I hold out and get screwed on my expectations I either need to keep waiting for another year or jump ship. With Android, you know awesome phones will be releasing all through the year. Don't like one? Wait a couple months. Easy.

Lots of people in your same boat. It's sad, really, because Apple makes really nice stuff. But I would never buy an iPhone because of the lack of choice. I'm not talking about OS choice -- iOS does some great things (that Android does too...) and has some awesome apps, and you can get accessories to do anything, anywhere. With Jailbreaking, you can have great access to change software. But no dev can fix a little screen. I won't have a 3.5" screen, end of story. I haven't found an Android phone that pushes ALL the right buttons yet, but in settling for a specific android device I've had to give up much less than I would with an iOS device.

I don't think Apple deserves criticism here. Their business model (since the start of the company) has been that they make both hardware and software and sell it as a single package.

What they should be called out on, is their hubris and smug sense of superiority with regards to the competition. And their unwillingness to listen to their customers sometimes. The screen issue is the perfect example. Clearly, there's demand for a bigger screen. And clearly Apple isn't interested in offering bigger screens because that would fragment iOS. But they can't say that, so they trash the idea of bigger screens.

I dunno, I'm close to ditching Android altogether because of this very issue. I mostly stopped buying stuff from the Android Market a long time ago; there were no guarantees as to where Android was going to go long term, and for all the hype behind the Tegra 2, the apps for it were mediocre at best. What good is having the latest and greatest if there's nothing to do with it? Meanwhile, Apple moves so many of the latest iPhone or iPad model there's instantly a market to push the hardware.

I'm really intrigued by ICS, but grand scheme, I don't see Android development moving very far beyond phones (and tablets) that serve as the lowest common denominator in the near term. So far this year I've been disappointed by a Tegra 2 phone as well as a tablet, and now Tegra 3's are on the horizon, so... I'm taking a 'wait and see' approach before I spend another dime on the platform.

I want to let you know, that Google is working on android at home that will tie into lighting,locking doors, setting alarms across your devices this has already been CES this year there should be some is way to big and has so many partners that you would be foolish to think android will not push forward with new ideas beyond mobile......

That's nice and all, but when do we get Infinity Blade? Oh wait, we don't. What else won't we get while Google is working on this "smart" house I don't particularly want?

The platform really needs refinement, not to push in a million more directions.

Exactly. And the lack of really useful apps on the tablet side is even more staggering. This is why Android tablets can't compete with the iPad. No software.

Personally, the only tablet I'd consider at the moment would be the iPad. The only way Android tabs enter the picture is if they substantially undercut the price of the iPad.

I kinda feel the same way. I use a lot of Google services. But I do feel underwhelmed a little and I too have the nagging feeling that Android keeps letting me down.

A huge part of the problem is the update cycle. It's so poorly managed that it virtually guarantees that the app ecosystem will always be 1-1.5 years behind. If it takes 1-1.5 years for an OS release to cover 70-80% of the installed base, there aren't too many developers who will use the latest OS version SDK to build their apps with as much refinement as possible. This is exactly why Google needs to push the OEMs to do more with updates.

What I find sad though is seeing Android fans who keep defending deficiencies (like the terrible update cycle). How are any of these people any different than fanboys on Appleinsider? Here the fanboys say that nobody really cares about OS updates (forgetting that many folks do care about app availability even if they don't care about OS updates). And on the other side are the diehard Apple fans who argue that nobody needs more than a 3.5 inch screen.

It's a great observation except it overlooks those of us who want a pure Android experience with guaranteed OS updates and support. We get exactly one phone to choose from every year, a Nexus. That's it.

I realize that I'm probably in the minority by hating manufacturer skins (and relying upon 3rd party ROMs for my OS updates), but I still think it's a fair point. Android is all about choice just so long as your choice isn't vanilla.

I just want to say after having an Xperia ARC i will NEVER again buy a phone without Physical buttons.

The joy of being able to turn on my phone by just tapping home, and sliding the unlock, is something that i cannot give up

there is no way i am once again reaching to the very top of a 4+ inch phone to tap some power button. i never even raise my hand above the middle of my phone.

if you are going to ask my to reach my fingers to the top of a 4.65 inch phone everytime i want to turn it on... thats just insane.

these phones are meant to be held near the bottom as it is most comfortable and powered on the same way. (to power off, i just tap the on screen "lock" widget.

also to open Comm manager ADW has it set so that if i swipe my finger down the middle of the screen it opens. this way i dont ever have to stretch my grip ridiculously to reach the top bar of the phone.

Must be difficult to look at your notifications.

Also: Are you one of those people that invested in the clapper? Or a remote to control your entire house cause you're just to lazy to flick a switch?

Ate you on something? Don't buy the phone! Complaining that you have to reach for a button aware you kidding me? U need a flip phone I think

Hard to tell if you're trolling or just stupid.

For anybody (this person or otherwise) interested in trying to figure out how to push the on/off button on a Samsung Galaxy (any galaxy to my knowledge). Hold the phone in your left hand with the bottom corner wedged into the dent in your palm...push down with your pointer finger...Guess what, you just hit the button! Alternatively, you can hold the phone in your right hand and press down with your thumb. Congrats you just hit the on/off button again.

In all seriousness though...I was very surprised how well thought out the location for the on/off button was. At least for me, button matches up within 1mm of my finger/thumb with either hand without me even thinking about it. There's no reason to stretttttch to reach the button when it's already under your finger when you hold the phone.

Serious question, you said that you power off your phone with a widget right? How do you turn your phone on? Widgets won't work if the phone is off and the power button is up top. Or can you literally turn your phone on with the home button?

I can see this too. Not for me, but for my wife. She doesn't want something huge. Bit of a niche market though; most people these days are liking the big screens. If you need something smaller, pick up a Droid RAZR. ICS will be out... someday... for it, but that's an awesome awesome phone. If you haven't held one in your hands... DO IT. I didn't think much of the phone til I played with it at Best Buy.

I laughed when I read this comment, cause I have huge hands and the RAZR felt FAT in my hands, if the G-Nex is as big as a 4.3 phone say a Charge,it'll feel nicer in your wife's hand than a RAZR

I prefer small form factor phones. Yes I wished someone would release a high end dual core Android phone. No one has so I type this from a iPhone 4s and don't regret it.

I agree that it would be nice if Android mfgs had some good high end phones with smaller screens to better fulfill the full spectrum of options but the reality is that there are very few people who want small screens (3.5/3.7) and it would not be very profitable. I personally would never go with anything under a 4.3 and really love my 4.5 SGII (Epic Touch)! The funny thing is that the majority of people complaining about large screen sizes are iPhone users. They claim 3.5 is perfect yet most iphone users were upset when the 4S was announced because it didn't have a larger screen. Well Apple will have record sales when they release a bigger screen cause 99% of iphone users really want a bigger screen but won't admit it until Apple releases an iphone with a larger screen. I actually feel sorry for all the brain washed apple users!

I guess I'm apart of that 1%. I left iphone/iOS because I wanted a bigger screen and the 4s did not deliver. I have a SGS2 now and a GN coming as soon as handtec decides to get their act together! Won't be going back to iOS anytime soon

Nope, sorry, I never was disappointed in the first place and never wanted a bigger screen. Keep stereotyping away, but there are iPhone users who get iPhones just because they feel like it without any need for persuasion. It was MY choice to pick this over an Android handset. You know, there are iPhone users who respect Android users and their phones as well as their decisions to get whatever they want for the reasons they want them. Hate to say this, but there are also brainwashed Android fans as well although AndroidCentral tends to have the smart fans :)

I agree with you, I am sure if the next iphone get just a bigger screen, that will be enough for them to get the new one. So I guest they don't want to admit that the current one is NOT Perfect or ideal for them. One phone one size fits all idea of Apple is just stupid.

By the way, I give my vote to the Galaxy Nexus over iphone4s for many reasons.

5 inches is the sweet spot. I want the Galaxy note with capacitive buttons, 3 Ghz Quad core Exynos processor, ics 4.0.2 and 10 megapixel camera, 0 shutter lag, 3 megapixel FF Cam, NFC, SuperAmoled HD 1080x1920 resolution screen, and 4,000 MhA battery, and my choice of soup or salad

Screen size at 4.65 is nice, but physically the nexus (especially the Verizon version) is a big phone. I don't think it will fit in most shirt pockets and I am afraid of breaking it if I put it in my back jeans pocket when sitting down.
Physical size it is not much bigger than the Razr. I would prefer a smaller phone. Wonder if in 2012 we will see 4.5 inch screens but with smaller bezels. I would technically the manufacturers are even there now -say the physical dimensions of a Galaxy S ( but thinner) & with a bigger screen.

Everybody that say Apple got it right, is going to eat their words when Apple releases an iPhone with a bigger screen.

So much to do about screen size. How about just pure functionality. I for once would rather see these two phone head to head with phone operation, bluetooth headset and vehicle tests, streaming music as well as tethered streaming. I'm tired of the hype about screens, open source, blah, blah, blah, show me that one is better than the other "functionally". The ability to create folders is "nerdy", make a call from various locations, on various carriers and show how they stack up. It's a "phone" right?

I think a 4.3" ICS phone with a thin bezel and software menu buttons might actually be as small as my Inc 2 (which I consider to the max size I find comfortable. I'd be happy with a dual core, 1GB ram, 16GB int storage in a Inc 2 chassis - that would be awesome.

anyone that used capacitive buttons cannot hate on the software its the same because capacitive was never physical buttons and the software buttons work and feel the same as you are touching a piece of glass for both software and capacitive buttons.

I am considering the Galaxy Nexus. But I am nervous about the size. It's utterly massive compared to my current Nexus One. I would much rather Google have gone for a 4.3inch screen with a much more compact form factor. I would have been more impressed with a phone that was smaller than the Nexus S but had the same or larger screen size, instead of a phone that's 2/3rds of an inch taller and 1/3rd of a inch wider. The Galaxy Nexus is certainly at the upper end of pocketability. And I'm by no means a short guy who wears skin-tight jeans.

Phil I get that you are all excited about the Galaxy Nexus and the new ICS but to say that it is the best Android phone available isn't even close to the truth. ICS brings a lot but the device itself (hardware) is mediocre at best.

With Steve Jobs Resting in Peace, you know there will be a 4" iPhone coming. That may even move some Android users. Either that, or Apple will meet the same demise that PALM did with WebOS once the original players were removed.