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Tucked away deep within the Wynn Hotel here in Las Vegas, Vizio has set up a command center for its CES offerings, one of which is its upcoming 10-inch tablet. Still unnamed, the device is running Honeycomb underneath a pretty slick custom skin-- see our review of Vizio's 8-inch tablet to get a true feel for the experience. Unfortunately Vizio reps were tight-lipped when it came to details. They wouldn't divulge processor speeds, RAM, or screen resolution, though they did mention that while it's shipping with Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich isn't out of the realm of possibility. Hit the break for more impressions.

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The device itself is a stunner, and might possibly be one of the better-looking Honeycomb tablets on the market today. It's got a solid built quality and feels really sturdy in the hand. Speakers are located on the top and bottom, which means that in portrait or landscape, you're still getting a surround sound feel. We didn't get a chance to put it through many paces, and without knowing what it's packing under the hood, we can't get a good feel for how this device will stack up with the competition, but physically speaking, Vizio's 10-inch tablet is a winner. 

Other details that are lacking include pricing and release date, though we expect this one will be on the market before you know it. Until then, enjoy some photos below, with a video on its way.

Vizio 10-inch Vizio 10-inchVizio 10-inch Vizio 10-inchVizio 10-inch Vizio 10-inchVizio 10-inch Vizio 10-inchVizio 10-inch Vizio 10-inch


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Hands-on with Vizio's 10-inch tablet


I am impressed all around by what I seen from Vizio on computers so far. The hardware looks as well built as Apple's and no crapware installed by default like what you get from Acer, Dell, etc. They are supposed to beat Apple in price, but they need to give specs too!

Vizio is smart, they are waiting to see where everyone else is and I'm sure still finalizing details. But they are notorious for giving out release dates in the past and not being able to meet them, maybe they have learned from this. Vizio is an aggressive price point company. I own their current 8" tablet and and love it, along with 2 LED TV's and have never been disappointed. I'm sure given some time, this could be a most aggressive product in terms of specs and price.