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Can't be in San Francisco next week for the Samsung Developers Conference? Tune into the Android Central Live show!

Samsung is hosting its inaugural Developers Conference — and Android Central will be on location in full force. We're always a fan of firsts, so in addition to our standard event coverage, we're taking Android Central's presence to a whole new level for this one with the introduction of the Android Central Live show.

As the Official Community Partner of the Samsung Developers Conference, we'll have dedicated space within the "Hacker's Lounge," where myself and Andrew Martonik will fire up the live stream each day for three hours of Android Central Live action.  We'll be interviewing plenty of guests, from Samsung engineers to app developers showing off demos of their latest apps (if you're interested in joining us on the show, email We'll follow up soon with more details on schedule and guests, but the page you'll want to bookmark to take it all in is

In addition to the Android Central Live show, we'll also be putting our livestreaming gear to use to bring you Samsung's opening keynote session, which kicks the event off at 11 a.m. PDT Oct. 28. You'll be able to watch the keynote both here on Android Central, and on the website. 

And if you can be in San Francisco next week but haven't registered to attend yet, get on it! Tickets are only $299. We'll have some limited edition Android Central gear with us to give away, which beyond everything else makes the price of admission worth it. We hope to see you there!

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Press Release

Android Central is the Official Community Partner of the Samsung Developers Conference to provide live coverage, interviews and demos from the floor of Samsung’s debut developer event

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (Marketwire – October 21, 2013) - Mobile Nations today announced that Android Central, the premier online destination for Android smartphone and tablet owners, will be the Official Community Partner of the upcoming Samsung Developers Conference. The event takes place at San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel, from October 28-29, 2013. Android Central will be providing live coverage, interviews and demos with Samsung engineers as well as Android app developers from the show floor.

The inaugural Samsung Developers Conference will feature more than 50 technical sessions, hands-on workshops and inspiring talks from leading influencers in the mobile, consumer electronics and digital content industries.

Hosted by Phil Nickinson and Andrew Martonik, Android Central Live will air on October 28th and 29th. Each day will feature the Android Central show, a 1-hour discussion wrapping up and analyzing all the day’s news, and 2 hours of interviews with developers, session leaders and other notables.

“Samsung is the dominant player in Android-based mobile devices today, and its ecosystem stretches beyond phones and tablets,” said Phil Nickinson, Editor in Chief of Android Central. “It’s great to see Samsung take this leap to hosting its own Dev Con. We’re happy to be the official community partner and help bring the event to the entire world. If you can’t be there in person, the absolute best way to share in the excitement is Android Central Live.”

For more information on show times, guests and to watch the live stream and join in the conversation, go to

Tickets to the Samsung Developer Conference cost $299 and include access to keynotes, sessions, and more. Additional information about the conference, including details on how to register, can be found at

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Announcing Android Central Live — coming to you from the Samsung Developers Conference!


Sounds fun! CrackBerry Live was great, nice to see this become a regular feature on Mobile Nations.

I can't stand Samsung and I'll never buy any of their products.

Sent from my Note 3 rockin Jelly Bean 4.3

How come you have a galaxy note 3? Oh it must be the one not made by Samsung

Posted inside a time machine 30 years in the future

When I first read that I totally blanked on the Samsung, so all I saw was "Android Central Developer Conference" so I was like awwww Sweeet!!! Then I reread it and now I am like oh..... ok..... thats cool.

I have never thought of it before, but Android Central has a huge android community, and it would rock if you had your own developer conference, or at least a developer meet and greet.

And now that I am really thinking about it you could have a whole "Mobile Nation Developer Conference" that specializes on cross platform development.

I don't know about the other MN sites but I always thought of AC as an enthusiast site, not a developer site.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Not really. Maybe a movie nations conference, but not one segment of the bunch.

Editor in chief of


My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Not likely. Since it's associated with applications, they'll probably jut put on a new coat rather that strip it down. Maybe they'll use a primer first but, it isn't really necessary unless they are starting new. :-)

Be prepared for the possibility that the BART strike is still ongoing if you do come out for the conference. This is wreaking havoc on Bay Area traffic. Just an FYI.

I don't fault AC for this because I'm sure there's lots of money in it for you but I really don't care much for this event.

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