Swing Copters

Just when you thoughts the world was just starting to get over Flappy Bird, the developer behind that title has returned with yet another game, today launched launched on both iOS and Android. Dong Nguyen's latest hit, titled Swing Copters, puts players in charge of a dude with a 'copter helmet. The object of the game is to avoid the swings and progress as far as possible, much like its predecessor.

We'll not spoil the gameplay for you — though if you've played Flappy Birds you'll have a good idea of the difficulty involved — so be sure to head into the Play Store and download the title. Is it addictive? Absolutely, we've tried it already. Will it be as successful as Flappy Bird? We'll have to see, but Nguyen no doubt hopes so. Let us know how you get on in the comments.


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Flappy Bird developer returns with new frustrating game Swing Copters


Never played flappy birds and I will prolly skip out on this one too. Guess I'm not a huge gamer at the end of the day.

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Didn't the developer say he removed flappy bird from the app stores because the game was too hard and addicting? I only tried the game for a couple minutes but I thought it was harder than flappy bird, and it seems like it could be just as addictive if you're hell-bent on getting higher scores

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He's agenius. All that press. Plus the ad revenue from this is gonna make him one rich(er) SOB

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Good strategy. He removed it just when it could have settled down a bit, got people to download it in a frenzy, and can now make a quick buck off of anything he releases.

Tried it for about 10 mins and couldn't get through the first gate. I'm sure when I go home tonight my kids will have it mastered.

I really wish someone would do something about all the cheaters. Already, with the game out, I see scores of over 2 million. I mean, really? Come on.

I don't even look at the high scores anymore. I don't remember if it was here or Droid-Life but they showed a way to manipulate the score you could essentially give yourself any score you want.

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I hate when all these other developers run out and make a clone of this game..its been like 2 hours since release for god sake!!!! Kill all imposters with fire! Let windows phone do the imitation thing as always.

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With Windows if the original app is bad, say Facebook or Twitter, then much like android(sometimes better) developers make clone apps to get the job done.

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Not as fun as fb. Playing this game reminds me of driving an old car thats badly out of alignment. It always wanted to go to the side no matter how hard I tried to steer it in the other direction.

I won't be contributing to its download statistics. Flappy bird was possibly the worst game I've ever played, as that old-guy CSI band said "I won't get fooled again".

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Good that he 'vowed' not to return to the same formula because it was frustrating instead of fun and relaxing... (Open Flappy Bird source, Modify bitmap assets, rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise, type in a new name, done! Make money... )

took me 25 tries to get through the first gate. A lot harder than flappy bird. That's all the ad impressions he'll get from me.

The appeal of flappy bird was the illusion of success. There is no such illusion here. Making it that much harder is a mistake.

downloaded & un-installed in under 5 minutes. back to clash of clans for me.

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I got a score of 2...this game is so horribly written, it's probably a good reason as to why you need to focus in your physics class during computer science....it feels like some idiot with basic knowledge of java wrote this thing.

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I'm curious why he decided to return to the scene after pulling Flappy Bird because it was causing torment for him. Despite all the money he was raking in, lol. Leads me to believe there was a legal reason he had to remove it.

Anyways, I tried the game for a few times. The controls certainly are clumsy and its far too fast paced to get a decent hang of it before that first hammer smacks you in the head. I didn't find it fun or re-playable.

I do however appreciate the original Flappy Bird. I used that as my graphical inspiration for a totally new type of time-waster. It's "Flappy Pong" in the play store by Fisudio Design.

What the heck this game sucks like seriously my Flappy Bird high score was 203 and I can't even get 1 on this. It's a stupid game and I don't recommend it. At least on Flappy Bird you could get somewhere.

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