Flappy bird taken down

Developer Dong Nguyen will keep making games, but Flappy Bird will be no more by the end of the weekend. 

The somewhat reclusive developer of inexplicable runaway hit Flappy Bird has announced that he "cannot take this anymore" and will be removing the game from app stores in 22 hours, as of 2:02 PM EST today. Dong Nguyen explained on his Twitter account that the takedown isn't due to any legal reasons, and that he won't be selling the rights to the game. 

Flappy Bird apparently is making $50k every day in ad revenue, which makes the take-down seem bizarre, but one can imagine that an indie developer that never sought the spotlight may be under a little too much pressure. He said earlier that the game has ruined his simple life, so he hates the game. Nguyen says he'll keep making games though, and with any luck, they'll experience at least a little bit of the success of Flappy Bird. 

Get downloading at the link above while you still can, and be sure to check out our tips and cheats if you need a leg up on this devilishly difficult game. 

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Flappy Bird developer 'cannot take this anymore' and is taking down insanely popular game


We all know the truth! Jerry Hildebrand ruined him when he posted how to beat this dumb game if you have root! My high score is 99999! Now what is the point if not to beat your friends high scores and they have 999999? Jerry went on a one man mission to stop this dumb game and came out winning like Charlie Sheen! And for that Jerry I say thank you good sir and job well done!

What a pussy. Yeah fuck my simple life I'm making $50k a day what a tool, grow some balls

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You are the pussy. Only a pussy would insult someone who is eschewing greed. Why don't you go and make a successful game and then you can decide what to do.

Greed? Dude worked hard on this game and is making more in one day then someone else that works their ass off in one year. He needs to suck it up there's a lot worse things in the world then being rich from something you created

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Take the GREED part and and think of 50 k a day that someone who develops games could do with that money by reinvesting it into better games and a Dev team to write code. At 18 million a year you could be investing & developing PS3 Xbox game budgets.

Or better yet, just donate all the money to spinal cord or cancer research. University Alberta has run out of funding for their Cancer cure. Their first Human Trial actually worked on 4/5 people. If their cure continues to work, only on a few types of Cancer like lung and a few others, it could save lives.

I agree. If you can't handle the money, the money can buy your "simple life" somewhere you can't be found, and donate it to a cause. Plenty of good causes go unfunded because of selfish greed, now here's a guy who doesn't want to be greedy. Even worse. Give it away and live your simple life.

This is like Kurt Cobain. I don't believe he's eschewing greed, I think he's simply become what he detests... successful, establishment, etc. Of course, I could be wrong.

In my opinion, if it's all about yourself (which this stance appears to be), that is when it becomes greedy or selfish. Greed isn't only about making money... it's about your attitude towards money.

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Dave quit because he thought his comedy was actually instigating more racism and was causing problems socially. Wasn't the money, he already had 10 million in the bank.

He can't take it and it's ruining his simple life?!


How is this happening exactly? Don't get me wrong, I hate the game personally. But those comments make no sense to me.

hipster or not who says no to so much money?? :O

I'm guessing this is some form of PR thing..

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It's all the attention he has been getting in the media. Some people can't handle/don't want all that attention. Even money isn't a large enough motivator to change that. Don't hate on the guy if he just wants to be left alone.

I would like to see the ad revenue per day leading up to the day he pulls it off line. I do see pr stunt here...

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Consider someone offering you a job that pays 50k / day. Sounds great right.
What if I tell you you have to dedicate all of your free time to this job so that you can't spend time with friends, family or take a break during xmas. Is it worth it then? Maybe you'll say you'll do that for a year or two and then quit. Maybe that's what this guy is doing. I can tell you I have worked crazy hours like that making a very good living. It's not worth it. In the middle of that 2 years you feel like you're going to die. The health and relationship toll last a long long time.

I've been doing it for 5 years now. And I'm sure thousands of people do it every day, he needs to grow a set and take advantage of it

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Takes more balls to forgo the money for more important things in life. It's simple minded idiots like you that only see green that need to "grow a set."

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50k a day would make up for a lot of 'unwanted attention'. Hopefully he's banking it.

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50 K a day, pays for a lot of therapy sessions to cope with all the unwanted publicity.

50 K a day buys you a full time dev team that does the work for you.

50 K a day for 6-12 months sets you and your family up for life comfortably.

50 K a day could help the poor, homeless, and sick. Also charities.

Yup, Good points. I'm not one to judge and ultimately if that's what he wants then that's what he wants. However, it is pretty selfish to shutdown the game and deny fans, future fans of the game, and the potential financial independence and all the good things he can do with it just because he can't handle the pressure.

Prime example of someone who can't handle success and would rather go back to their normal comfort zone. You either grow and get stronger or succumb to circumstances and go back to what's easy.

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Pressure? really? Maybe its me that's not understanding. But this is an Android game, its not an novel, or a major motion picture, its not a peace treaty being organized between two different countries. Its a little nothing game that the guy is banking on. Unless he's doing this for more buzz on the game, and build its demand, what other reason could there be?

In countries like Vietnam and Philippines, unnecessarily asking for a cut is prevalent. Some can get into mauling and extortion.

It's not just an Android game. It was on iOS for at least a few weeks before it came to Android, and was/is hugely popular in that ecosystem too. And while true that it's not a NYT Bestseller or a blockbuster movie, that doesn't mean he (through the app) didn't become hugely popular. Some people just don't like being in the spotlight.

Go for it. I'm sure you're insanely talented and came replicate his success and choose a different path. /s

Yeah he probably has already been given a cease and desist. Tons of money doesn't just ruin simplicity of life. It's under your control.

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Tons of money doesn't ruin a life, but tons of spam and hate mail (and apparently even death threats) do.

I really think this has something to do with it. If you follow him you'll see that not all folks following and messaging him are exactly nice.

That being said...I think for $50k a day I could handle any amount of online criticism. But I'm not him, so I won't throw stones. I'll just sit in the corner and wish I had that kind of "luck". :(

I heard he's actually selling it to Lenovo and now everyone is freaking out thinking it won't get timely updates anymore

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In the outsourced software development world it kinda is....

IF you want 3rd world code that is...

No of course not, cause the dev totally didn't ripoff the sprites from Super Mario.

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Interesting. How many pixels do those sprites have? How many combinations of pixels could you possibly use to represent a given object in say an 8x8 pixel sprite? For instance, say you could only create a one-pixel ball. Could you claim copyright over that one pixel? Every other one-pixel ball would be exactly the same, not by design but necessity.

And yet a simple word such as "Saga" can cause a lawsuit. Pretty sure something as visually indicative as the iconic green pipes is less of a questionable situation.

This is a PR stunt. I bit. The story made me install it. Playing it made me uninstall it.

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Don't you make games hoping they get this successful? What is the point otherwise? I've never seen anyone get upset about their product being successful and just running away before.

A game like this you might just make for fun. I'm sure an experienced developer could knock out a game like this in a few hours.

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I mean 50k USD a day for a week or two. OK i can handle that, too. But for a much longer time?

For a human being too much money can be a burden. Surely, not for a banker for assurance manager. But most of us not a banker or assurance manager but just ordinary human beings...

Sorry, but just bank it and have less worries for your retirement. Hardly a burden. We are not talking billions of dollars.

The only headaches I could see would be legal ones involving trademarks, Nintendo pipe sprites, stuff like that. And if that were a problem, quickly sell it all to a big company that can deal with it for a flat sum of money and move on. Boo hoo.

More than Nintendo pipes.
Pipes, the ground, the sky, and even the "Flappy Bird" was just a flying fish sprite from Mario. (where you have to run across the bridge as they jump over you and you try not to touch them).

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"even the "Flappy Bird" was just a flying fish sprite from Mario."

Um... what? They don't even look similar. mobygames(dot)com/images/shots/l/223580-super-mario-bros-nes-screenshot-cheep-cheeps-can-be-found(dot)png

He's been getting a LOT of grief from people, and not because of the difficulty of the game, but because of the graphics bearing a resemblance to Mario and other Nintendo properties (though to say he's ripped them off is questionable, at best), and also because it's a clone (and a bad one) of a two-year old game.

Couple that with the ridiculous amounts of clones of its own (search for Flappy Bird in the Play store to see how many ridiculous ripoffs there are), and I wouldn't be surprised that he's got a lot of undue pressure.

And not everyone is motivated by money.

I don't know if it's questionable. Since there were also rumors of Nintendo going mobile, when I first saw it, I thought this was Nintendo's first attempt.

I think it's pretty safe to say he used things from Mario. Looking at a screenshot of super Mario world & a shot of Flappy Bird reveals the bird is ripped from the flying fishes in Mario, the ground is either from Mario world or Mario 2, the sky from any of the Mario Bros games, and, of course, the green pipes. At this point, it's kind of like staring at the person with the blood all over their hands & wondering who the murderer was.

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I swear to cow, if the weekly app posting includes Flappy Birds, I'm deleting my AC link. Your coverage of this has been a pile-on of suck.

First of all flappy bird was in the weekly app postings... Last week. Welcome to the party. 2nd and most important, do people actually say "I swear to cow"? I'd that a real thing ???

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Some choose to believe in cows, while others believe in imaginary heavenly overlords to keep them safe. Who are we to judge?

It was a short-term disaster but a long-term boon. It reestablished brand loyalty to what's now called Classic Coke.

It's never been the same since the first change. Neither has Pepsi since going to HFCS instead of sugar.

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Agreed. This is a poorly made throw-away toilet game. I love you AC, but this stupid fad app has gotten way too much coverage already. Nobody will give a damn about it in 6 months. How many people do you know that still play Words with Friends? And that was a much better game.

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True. Who cares about angry birds now, or remember draw something?
I actually still pop in and out of words with friends only cos me and the GF can't play many cross platform (android/ios) multiplayer games.

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What happened to hiring talent to help with a successful business? With that revenue he could keep the game, step back and hire others to maintain it. It's not my decision though. At least he knows his limits and didn't let a game ruin his well being. I wish him well.

Twitter account hijacked? Or, get more people to download it due to it becoming "extinct", then change his mind at the last second and get $150k/day in ad revenue.

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Stop reporting on this damn game!! How much is the developer paying you to promote it??!!!!

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I'm guessing it's because Nintendo has a pretty good case against him for art and sound assets used (the coin sound is ripped straight out of Mario 2 for Christ's sake)...the pipes used are GLARINGLY similar.

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Sounds like insanely crazy girlfriend pressure to me... "Pull that game and give me some attention or I'll. .........." F you sista let the man make money!

If you click the 'rate' button on the start screen it interestingly jumps to the Amazon App store and is for another App from another person called "Mario Bird". Could this be a 'lifted' app that was removed already from the Amazon App store previously because Nintendo had it pulled. all the images have been removed for the App etc.

Is the Author taking the money and lawyering up ready for the a lawsuit from Nintendo for breach of copyright. Especially if it may have been a second breach of the same copyright.

He's being harassed and told to kill himself, etc. Because of sore losers. He can't stand the harassment anymore. Your All fucking idiots. It's not about the money.

Oh, please. This is the internet. If you are a developer and take that shit seriously, maybe you shouldn't be on the internet.

He's still a human being. It's not because you're in the internet that you have to take so much hate.

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Has anyone ever heard of not reading a twitter feed? Or close it down? And why not pull it now if it's genuine fear? This reeks of a scam to get as many downloads as possible of a game that was possibly losing it's download momentum.

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I'd have these two reasons if I'm on his shoes:

- I don’t wan’t some potential investors ruining my vision of the game.
- I especially don’t want some business model being made into this game. I don’t want my creativity being given a timeline. I want my timeline to be “all the time in the world”.

He wants his game to be “his work” and his work only. Be admired for his identity, and not pushing his limits, because some industry or market wants him to. Not too business-y. Not too many PR’s.

I don't get it why a lot you of guys get so fixated on the cash he rakes in. Is money your only definition of an individual's success? That's weak and superficial perception of what life accomplishment is, if you ask me.

I remember the Lizzie McGuire movie because of your comment:
Melina: "And what you have to show for it?"
Matt: "A pride of a job well done?"
Melina: "Try buying PS2 with that pride of the a well done"

I pity Melina, she's shallow.

Nooooooooo. I need flappy bird!!! Don't take it away from meeeeeeeeee.

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You won't lose it if you already have it installed. Back up the apk if you want to install it again later on another device.

I tried the game and said f it and deleted it you people are sadistic for wanting to play that game

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I send a couple of emails to Nintendo USA corporate offices a few days ago.

I asked them to look at Flappy Bird because it looked 90% identical to Mario Bros
and pleaded with them to consider making games for Android.

Sure hope that had nothing to do with Flappy Bird going away.

So can anyone explain what exactly can't he "take anymore"?

The money? the popularity? handling cheaters? making new updates?

I don't get it...

Exactly. I'd like to know what he can't take as well. Personally, I can't take the fact that my high score is 1.

For the ones who think maybe gangsters are trying to take a cut, he would not be taking the game down if that's the case. He probably has a lot of family and friends getting in line for money and I'm sure he doesn't want a lot of fake people around him either. Money is not always the answer folks.

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Thank fuckn god.. Was getting tired of having to hear about flappy bird left and right.. The game is shit IMO.. After a few minutes it is no longer fun, just irritating.

I strongly think this is a test from Nintendo to see if it's worth making games for mobile. The thing is freaking Super Mario without the Mario! If this turns out to be true I will be glad to play Nintendo games on my phone! Or maybe we'll see something like an N-Phone (Nintendo Phone)with gameboy like buttons!

Completely agree. There's something more to this story. And how on earth are people only thinking the pipes are from Mario? Hell, pretty much this ENTIRE thing is from Mario. Every visual object has been ripped right from Mario &, in some cases, recolored...even the sound files used.

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...I suddenly want to download it even though I have no desire to actually play.

His real plan reveals itself!

Posted via my tricked out Moto X.

Poor guy was after by the government of Vietnam to collecting Tax on his income and if you are living in a communism country and being questioned by the authority, the best way to avoid trouble is either committed suicide or gave them everything that you are owned.

Read this (needs Google translates)
www (dot)thanhnien(dotcom)vn/pages/20140208/tong-cuc-thue-de-mat-toi-cha-de-game-flappy-bird.aspx

So I finally downloaded Flappy Bird to see what all the rage was about...so simple, yet so hard. Incredibly stupid, incredibly addictive. I must have scored 0 like 20 times reading it as 1. Doh!

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Also the funny thing is that a pirated version of this game exists on Windows Phone store and will never be pulled

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I am so confused. I thought the whole point of making the game... You know... To be successful and make money. It's like sports... You play to win the game.... Helllllo! Then he says he going to continue to make games. Dude why continue? If it was about the money why even have ads in it?

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Looks to much like Mario world like everyone else has said and good get rid of it lol I'm sick of my high score of 5 lol

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Can't say that's a smart move 50k a day i would keep flappy birds up and running

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i think this game its or was just a copy opf the game called helicopter it pretty much does the same thing

Doesn't really matter someone out their must have backed up the apk for redistributing for YEARS anyone can sideload it not like I'd want it again though

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22hrs later the game is still have up and running.Was clearly an attempt to max the ad revenue for 2 days

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I don't think it's (just) the money that got to him, but the exposure. No doubt the money is problematic too, especially if he's currently living in Vietnam, that could make things pretty rough, but clearly having millions of people knock on his door got to be too much; it could be requests to interview/ask him about the game, hate messages blowing up his social media pages, or people coming out of the woodwork looking for a bit of money from their newly rich acquaintance.

If he had been able to set up a good, solid small business and didn't directly link the game to himself (not using his personal twitter to discuss the game, for instance), maybe he would've been able to avoid some of this exposure, and eliminate some of the worry about legal repercussions.

Sounds like he just wants to create games and be left alone. He is probably getting tired of people posting negative comments on the game, calling him names, devising cheats, etc. He needs to set up a structure to act as a front-end buffer between him and the users.

I went to high school with a Dung Ngyuen... I wonder if they're related... (I keed... I know Nguyen is like Smith X Jones in Vietnam)

I don't know how the system works. But at a guess I'd say it works not on how many people click, but how many people the ad is visible to.

It's likely the same system as television advertising. The companies who are advertising are paying for ads aren't paying for definite custom, just paying to have people see their ads