Dead Trigger 2

Enhancements to one of mobile's most ambitious action shooters rolling out from the Play Store

An update for Dead Trigger 2, Madfinger Games latest and possibly greatest thriller-killer-shooter, is live in Google Play today. The update looks to balance game play, making progression more fluid and less tedious — a problem all action-shooters have.

You'll still need to grind (or use the in-app purchase store) for the gear, but now you have new environments to grind through. With more than 50 new gameplay moments, including more air combat from the helicopter as well as new environments in Africa, we'll have a lot of new content to work through.

Gameplay balancing and tweaks, as well as new rewards should also make for a better game all around. Here's the full list of changes:

New Features

  • Over 50 new gameplays
  • More Helicopter & Sniper missions
  • New African Environments
  • Redesigned Warfare Rewards


  • Zombie difficulty has been rebalanced
  • Number of fast zombies decreased
  • Several missions have been rebalanced


  • Various tweaks across the whole game
  • Pink textures on Galaxy Grand

Madfinger also gave us a glimpse  at what will be in the .3.0 update, and we can look forward to game environments in China, new melee weapons, chat and special holiday content. We're looking forward to this one, too. 


Reader comments

Dead Trigger 2 gets updated, brings game balancing, new environments, and tweaks everywhere


All good games are going to take up massive space. If mobile ever has a chance to catch up with other gaming systems we are going to have to get used to games taking up a ton of space. Is there any way to store games in the cloud somehow?

Posted via Android Central App

The auto shoot is crapp y do that it was way better in the 1st game! It put me off the game!

Posted via Android Central App

You can take it off of auto shoot in settings. That's what I did. Makes it like the first version.

Posted via Android Central App

I rather pay for a game than in game purchase. I think that's the biggest rip off in the application market...

Posted via Android Central App

I thought the headline said "Twerks everywhere" at first. I'm a little disappointed with the update now.

Why would anyone want to use auto shoot? That's just lazy. Played for an hour and do not see any copter levels added.

Posted via Android Central App

Same here. Been playing since release day, level 29. I see differences but mostly graphical. No new levels, I'm dying for new levels. 3.0 says new levels coming!

Posted via Android Central App