comScore numbers for June and September

Android has enjoyed a massive increase in market share since its ascent to the smartphone scene and the most recent comScore numbers only show its share growing.

ComScore has released numbers that display the share of smartphone subscribers for June and September, followed by the percentage change. RIM remains on top with 37.3 percent of subscribers in September, but that number is actually a decline of 2.5 percent from June. Apple holds second place at 24.3 percent, which is the exact same percentage as June; Apple neither grew nor diminished since June, which is interesting because that's when the iPhone 4 was announced.

Android is a close third with 21.4 percent, which is up from 14.9% share in June. 

Microsoft and Palm represent fourth and fifth places and each lost subscribers between these months. Microsoft's share looks to increase with the release of Windows Phone 7; Palm is hoping to turn heads with the Palm Pre 2. 

Android's market share ascent continues as supporting numbers continue to show Google's OS flying past the others. 

Do you see this growth continuing at this pace? How long do you think it will be before Android overtakes iOS? RIM? [Press release]


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ComScore numbers are in -- Android's growth remains strong


I hope this growth continues at this pace or faster. I think next year might be the year that Android is gonna be a really big player in the numbers game. It could well be that next year Android overtakes both iOS and RIM.

I think Android will continue to grow. RIM will continue to shrink. Apple will remain about the same. Same for Palm after more device releases. But with WP7 release, Microsoft should grow, mainly at the expense of RIM.

Why do the numbers in this report for the Jun-10 column not match the numbers in the Jun-10 column from the last report?