Case Mate for Nexus One

I had been resistant to put a case on my Nexus One because I could never find one that I was happy with. They were always either too bulky or felt too cheap.

Having said that, I have been very pleased with the Case-Mate Tough Case; it does not weigh the phone down at all and feels very robust to the touch.

The outer-layer of the case is an ABS plastic shell that has enhanced dust protection. The phone slips inside a smaller rubber skin that then fits inside the tougher case. All buttons and and ports can be accessed without hindrance.

The screen is not covered, but it is protected by the rugged outer layer of the case, so don’t worry if you leave it upside down.

The case also comes in four different colors: black, pink, green and blue, so everybody should be able to find something that fits their lifestyle.

The Case-Mate Tough Case is available for $27.95 from the Android Central Store. More pictures after the break.

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Nexus One case review: Case-Mate Tough Case


I have this case for my EVO 4G its nice only real complaint I have it the volume rocker is hard to hit sometimes and otherwise its a great case.

I have this case on my N1 and absolutely love it. It provides excellent impact protection and has kept my device in pristine condition.

Replacing batteries eventually wore the plastic thin and it eventually cracked on me. I just ordered otterbox defender series from Walmart. Com and it was about the same price as casemate. Time will tell if I like the otterbox better. Right now? So far so good

I always wanted to put a case on my Nexus One. What a killer phone. Only problem I have the desk top dock and it sucks peeling the cover on and off when I want to slide the phone in the dock. I also use the dock to stream music to my boss stereo system. The dock is such a great feature for the phone, all phones should have them. I use the sleeve the Nexus came with to carry it in my pocket.

You can use the dock to stream without having to keep it in the dock iteslf. onced paired (i think you do have to dock once to pair), you can just connect under bluetooth settings.

Thanks for introducing me to this case, I just ordered one for my Desire, looks to be the one I've been after.

This thing seems like a complete rip off of the Otterbox, (which was patented) except the otterbox has better protection with dust/moisture plugs for all the major holes.

Otterbox is also in the store.

Otterbox is rubber outside plastic inside. And otterbox has a plastic screen protector. Which I'm no fan of. Casemate is much easier to remove too. Just Peel a corner and it pops right off. So no its not a rip off of otterbox.

Otterbox is rubber INSIDE and plastic on the OUTSIDE, same as this. (you got it exactly backward)/
Otterbox has an optional screen protector. You don't have to use it.
Otterbox covers the buttons (and actually makes them easier to find and push).
Never had a problem removing the Otterbox. Peel plastic impact shield, tug rubber. Done.

If laid side by side I suspect you could mix and match the pieces of this case with the otterbox. Its THAT close. So, yeah, rip off.

Um actually Case-Mate's Tough Case was out BEFORE Otterbox, so if anything is a rip off, it's Otterbox, but either way, they are both great, so everyone quit bitching about which one is a rip off.

I like the innocase+holster combo.
@sean brunett trying to get rid of some new old stock? (that's the glass half empty talking)