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There's been no shortage of dubious images purporting to show future Samsung smartphones over the past few days, but today we have one that actually looks like it might be a legitimate leak. The photo you see above made its way out to PhoneArena​ this morning, and the site's tipster claims it shows the Samsung GT-i9300, an as yet unannounced device.

The image reveals a buttonless Samsung smartphone with a front-facing camera running Android 4.0 and Samsung's TouchWiz UX. Unlike most of the recent "Galaxy S III" leak claims, everything's in the right place, and minor details like the style of icons in the navigation bar, and the square Google Talk logo give this image an air of authenticity. It's also interesting to note that Samsung seems to have swapped the order of the ICS soft keys -- on the Galaxy Nexus and other vanilla Android devices, the task switcher is on the right, whereas in this photo it's on the left. Traditionally, Samsung phones have always placed the back button on the right side, so it makes sense that they'd opt to swap things around here.

A quick examination of the screen reveals a 16:9 aspect ratio display, meaning anything from qHD to 720p resolution is possible. It also appears that something in the top left corner of the screen has been blanked out. If we were to speculate, we'd say it wouldn't make much sense to redact a simple notification icon, but on AT&T phones, this is typically where you'd find the carrier's logo. Just sayin'.

Of course, there's a chance this thing is the long-awaited Galaxy S III, but that's impossible to verify. Whatever it is, the fact that Samsung's using virtual buttons on at least one of its 2012 devices could pour cold water on photos claiming to show a Galaxy S III with traditional physical buttons.

In any case, there's certainly no shortage of speculation about Samsung's upcoming Android phones, partly fuelled by the manufacturer's own secrecy. As PhoneScoop's​ Rich Brome points out, recent Bluetooth SIG listings for future devices have been light on details, even going so far as to leave out model numbers.

Whatever Samsung has planned for 2012, we'll bring you full coverage in the coming months.

Source: PhoneArena, Bluetooth SIG via @rbrome

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nipcarlover says:

But the Galaxy Nexus is a lot sexier..

benthe1 says:

I agree. This can't be the GS III. Just can't. Too ugly.

trenchkato says:

It looks like the case hasnt been tended to yet... look at how the screen sits with the case..

MowDownJoe says:

Le sigh... they're still persisting with the Task Manager? That's the whole point of being able to swipe to dismiss apps on the multitasking menu.

Jeremy626 says:

cuz swiping doesn't kill the task...

Luger718 says:

thought it did with 4.0.3

brendonsled says:

It does in 4, it doesnt kill services though.
Still there is no need for a task manager

Fugaz-Star says:

uhmmm.... idk, it looks like a low-end device to me.

h0ruza#AC says:

The Mind Boggles. Is that a case or purely the phone?

angryGTS says:

Looks like a case, it doesn't look like its part of the phone.

qwick says:

Whatever it is, that outer plastic bezel looks like garbage, I can't understand why they have that on it. Looks like its a plastic mold, that you can snap the real phone out of LOL.

Like others have said, its probably some mid-low end Samsung ICS phone to be released maybe along side the GSIII, probably with a lower than 1280x720p res.

hmmm says:

Not a big fan of the on screen buttons on AMOLED screens. Just more area that's going to get burned in.

mr nruz says:

idk looks midrange. it doesnt scream high end

srh.pres.usx says:

Hmm... wonder why the S Pen apps are on there?

tim242 says:

Dubious...the AC word of the day.

RochelleBr says:

DIY products, everything is possible LOL

Jeremy626 says:

looks like a case over it to hide the phone...
i like the button arrangement though. i like the back to be on the right side.

leftheodo says:

If this is the GS3, the HTC ONE X will sell like crazy!

aaronwe says:

The plastic looks like some minor camouflaging to mask the exterior. Based on that alone, I'd call this the most likely SGS III we've seen so far. :-)

fnair says:

If this is the SGS III, I REALLY hope that that bezel is not part of the phone and it's only a case, because it really looks ugly and cheap.

I also like the idea of the back button on the right. And one the first things I noticed too was the S pen apps. If the screen is high res (e.g. 720p or 1080p), having the pen could be really cool. (you don't need the 5.3" screen of the Note for the pen to be useful)

I wonder if they'll also add the multiple window multitasking interface that they showed on the 10.1 Note. The pen and that would really help them differentiate themselves from the competition.

nyc_rock says:

Dont know if that's the GS3 or not but that is a different version of TW for ICS. The GS2 doesn't use that app tray. That looks stock.

cmdr430 says:

Looks interesting... I think it is some kind of case to hide the true styling of the phone, similar to the spy shots you see of new cars.... One thing I am interested in is, what phone it is sitting beside? GNexus?

whitenack says:

Maybe the Skyrocket HD.

15israellai says:

That doesn't seem like 720p to me - simply doesn't feel like it.

jasonyump#AC says:

its not a galaxy s III for sure. its resolution is 1024x600.


dazweeja says:

Intel and Qualcomm have also recently used 1024x600 for their reference devices/prototypes. How many Qualcomm consumer phones have this resolution? The chances of the SGS3 having a lower resolution than Samsung's own panel in the GNex are 0.

spagmuff says:

Maybe it's the Galaxy WII?

Fugly Franken-phone is fugly.

smooth3006 says:

samsung needs to change their design up a bit. looks like another cheap plastic phone to me.

JonJJon says:

To the left of the "Samsung" logo looks to be a clone tool usage to rub out a capacitive button perhaps, possibly the same the the other side.

robotaholic says:

I love touchwiz and am glad they aren't going to release stock ICS. I've tried the leaks for my epic 4G Touch and although it is getting smoother and smoother with each leak, gingerbread is way smoother and faster. I went back to stock EL29 and don't really wanna upgrade to ICS once it is released.

Gearu says:

Look closer on each side of the Samsung logo...

Obviously the best fake yet though.

patrixl says:

yep I agree, fake

12stockcj says:

I wish Samsung would continue with the look of the Galaxy Nexus on other phones. They should continue to have a button less, logo less, blank front. It is way more appealing, and looks more high end.

sabret00the says:

This is simply a Galaxy Nexus prototype. The SGS3 will be a lot prettier.