Duet for Android

We've got another week's worth of new Android app releases for you! These are the best we've been able to find: five great Android games and five great Android apps.

There are plenty of strategy games this go-around, but also a little something for those in business and something else for photographers. Intrigued? Let's dive in.


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Best Android apps and games of the week: Duet, NFL Now and more!


$15 is a lot of money for an Android game, but Dragon Warrior games are literally the best thing in the genre and worth every penny and I already bought it.

Besides this, Duet looks like a cool, new type of game that really deserves a download as well.

Can't wait to try both!

Its better than most free with IAP's. I rather spend that one time fee. Instead of paying to just progress forward 2 steps at a time.

I got the subscription and have the same content. And there's been nothing new for 3 days

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It would be nice if the reviews mentioned what sort of in-app purchases the app used. I see iap and I automatically think of the crappy kind of implementation like in Fieldrunners 2 and countless other games where the devs got greedy. But if it is just a one time thing to unlock the rest of a game or for more features in the app, I am all for that. It would make the reviews a lot more helpful.

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What I would like to see is the total cost of IAP. All of them added up. That actually will give a very good idea of all apps that shouldn't be touched with a barge pole. It will especially be useful for games. I don't expect Google to do this though. IAP are very useful for running up huge bills and Google wants a piece of that action.

I tried Duet. I like it and hate it seconds after downloading. It's a good game, but so difficult...

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I'm on level 5 of Anger, which is the fifteenth level in the game. It's infuriating that I always mess up at the same part of the level. You need to get the hang of it and then it's easier.

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Too stressful - deleted after a day! If this kind of stress is your thing, try Up Up Rocket.

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It is completely maddening. At least when I play Super Hexagon and Wave Wave, I don't have to see a splatter mark that reminds me where I failed the last go-around. Smug bastards. :)

Omg I have missed this! AC is responsible for a good 40% of the apps I keep on my phone. Gonna check out Duets.

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