New Archos Tablets

While Samsung and Motorla are just getting into this whole tablet business, Archos wants to remind us all who the big boy in the room is. While the larger 10.1 and 7.0 models can truly be called "tablets", the smaller 4.3, 3.2, and 2.8 (not pictured here) are more like MIDs in the vein of the iPod Touch. For reference, the number that makes up each model's name is the size of the screen.

All five are packing Android 2.2 ("Froyo"), USB 2.0 (not sure if this is micro or not), WiFi b/g/n, TFT LCD screens of various resolutions, G-sensors, microphones, and all but the Archos 2.8 have Bluetooth 2.1 EDR. The 4.3 and above also come with a kickstand and speakers. However, at five appear to not support the Android Market, so you would have to sideload additional apps or use AppsLib. Other specs for each device are as follows:

  • Archos 10.1 : 8 or 16 GB of internal memory + microSD card slot, 1024x600 screen, 1GHz ARM A8, front-facing VGA camera, mini HDMI out
  • Archos 7.0 : 8GB internal memory + microSD card slot OR 250GB internal HDD (!), 800x480 screen, 1GHz ARM A8, front-facing VGA camera, mini HDMI out
  • Archos 4.3 :  8 or 16 GB of internal memory + microSD card slot, 480x854 screen, 1GZh ARM A8, 2MP camera for taking pictures and videos, mini HDMI out
  • Archos 3.2 : 8 GB internal memory, 400x240 screen, 800 MHz ARM A8, composite video out
  • Archos 2.8 : 4 or 8 GB internal memory, 320x240 screen, 800 MHz ARM A8

Whew. Pricing and launch dates were not given, but you can be sure we will be on the prowl for them in the coming weeks. [Archos]


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Archos announces five new tablets


I'd bet by the time of release, Google will have worked it out with all these tablet manufacturers to authorize the market. Depending on price, I can see a 10.1 in my future. Also went to the Archos site and got the USB connector size answer... Direct from

• USB slave 2.0: Mass Storage Class (MSC)br>
• Full size USB host: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
• SD (SDHC compatible)
• HDMI output5 (Mini HDMI / HDMI cable sold separately)

I'd hope so.. if some tablets have them and some don't, that certainly won't help Googles fight against android fragmentation.. Plus millions of people have come to expect those applications on the millions of android phones that are out there today. If these people buy an android tablet and find that those core apps/functions are missing.. they will not be happy.. Personally I'd only buy a tablet w/the full android experience (with google apps/market etc)

I'd get one of the "tablets" right away if it came with Broadband of some sort. I have an iPad with 3G and I love that feature BUT only that feature. The iPad itself with IOS is the most annoying thing on this planet. How do people use Apple's IOS? It's so restricted and locked down, so tightly controlled, so expensive and so ... lack-luster compared to Android.

The thing is, these are too big to travel around much anyway (10 and 7 inch I mean) so having 3G in them is just another huge expense for something that will spend 99% of its life 30 feet from your wifi router, and the other 1% within 5 feet of your Android phone. (Hint: wifi tethering).

Not many users can afford yet another $30 data plan for a couch computer. All the iPad owners are realizing that they over bought when the went for the 3G iPads, and the vast majority of them spend their entire time on WiFi.

Interesting comment. I have the top of the line iPad with all the memory, wifi and 3G. I've never thought I over bought, I just felt like I was limited by Apple's IOS. Personally the 3G is the bread winner for me, I can be standing on the road in the middle of a job site and not have to think twice about being connected yet I can walk in to a Starbucks and not have to even think about connecting, I just pull out the pad and start typing. I took my Android and iPad for a long road trip, that was a blast. Android did the navigation and a few other things but the iPad was beyond nice when it came to things such as streaming music, checking emails, looking information, checking maps and so many other things that make a large screen helpful. To me the iPad is an extension of my computer, sadly though, you can't use it that way with Apple's IOS - now had it been an Android, you could. If I could reformat it with Android and delete Apple IOS, I would. You do have to have one (without feeling guilty for paying the money) to appreciate what "could" be possible.

It's got WiFi, Bluetooth, AND a USB port. It's 3G options are pretty much any 3G service that doesn't require a Windows based program to operate.

So everyone down-voting the Hannaspree in the story from the other day due to no front facing camera should be jumping on this tablet with with both feet.

The specs are pretty similar.

These things HAVE to force their way into the market somehow before release. There is no reason they should be excluded.

I will NEVER spend a cent on a tablet until Google allows access to the Android Market. Get your ass in gear Google and make it happen!

I dont want 3g or anything like that. I will be all over the 8GB 101 tablet!

Good bye Gentouch 78 (which is for sale if anybody wants a dev toy to hack on)

I will never spend another cent on Archos products. Once you buy their stuff as soon as the new version comes out they forget you exist. Tried contacting cust service for a replacement battery and I never hear anything back. Promised all these features and ended up putting them on the next version. Keep it!

Since when does a 4 inch or smaller screen become classified as a tablet. The headline should read, Archos releasing 2 tablets and 3 different media players.

ARCHOS 101 internet tablet Available this fall with a recommended retail price of $299.99 (8GB) and $349.99 (16GB).

Wow. Pretty good pricing. Be careful folks, only the 7 and 10 inch models have capacitive touch screens, which means the others will probably suck.

You forgot to read the foot notes. Froyo will be "available" in October 2010. And we all know how that goes. At least the 4", which my friend just bought still has 1.6 on it.

amazon has a few of the devices listed...don't know if they are running 2.2. looks something like a ipod touch, but on Android

But no mention of how much memory! Funny how such an important specification can just be completely omitted... I guess we can speculate 512MB?

Wow not even out of the gate and the all of these tablets are epic fail. No market means its pretty much DOA for your average user. side loading? Your average person will look at you like you just birthed a hippo right there.
Make it easy or GTFO. Specs become pointless if you can only do a small handful of things on it because of the inability to load apps. Geesh. My assumption is they don't have the market because Google requires certain min specs for the market. But still. Pointless.

Is Archos finally switching to capacitive touch screens or are they still staying with resistive?

If they finally switched to capacitive, I might buy it.