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Chrome Browser for Android

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Browse the web on your Android the same way you browse the web on your computer at home or the office — with Google Chrome. Chrome for Android takes all the great features you love, like cross-device sync and inline translation, and puts it all in a format designed for the smaller screens on our mobile devices.

The Android version of Chrome uses the same rendering engine and code base as the full desktop version, so your experience will be both familiar and consistent across the Internet. And while Chrome offers features that make it fast — like instant search results and your history right from your URL address bar — it also is designed to save you some bandwidth. Using the tools in Chrome you can use up to 50 percent less mobile data that you would with another browser. In a world where data caps are the norm, we love anything that saves us a few bits and bytes.

If Chrome didn't come pre-installed on your Android, you can download it for free from Google Play.


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Phil Nickinson

From the editor's desk: Chrome for Android, solving for x, and silly stories

Hell of a week, eh? We saw the rise of Chrome for Android, and Google Wallet hit a couple of potholes -- but nothing we're really worried about -- but some of the coolest news out of Mountain View actually has nothing to do with Android.  But before we get into the best news of the past week, here...
Android Central

Android Central 87: Chrome on Android, picking Google Wallet, Motorola Droid 4 in house

Thing 1: Chrome for Android! Google Chrome Beta now available for Android 4.0 devices Chrome Beta for Android walkthrough How to sync tabs in Chrome desktop and Android New browser (Chrome) doesn't support dying plug-in (Flash) Chrome vs. Safari - Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S...
Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S

Chrome vs. Safari - Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S

Check out our Chrome for Android Walkthrough! The race for the best mobile browser is just about dead even. Android's browser has certainly competed with its Webkit cousin in mobile Safari for several versions now, partially from borrowing bits and pieces of Chrome code. (Anybody remember this...
Chrome for Android

Chrome Beta for Android walkthrough

You might have noticed that the Google Chrome team has released the long awaited build for Android. It's still a beta version, but it's a pretty big deal. It's built for Ice Cream Sandwich only (we're playing with getting it on Honeycomb devices, but no joy yet), so that narrows down the potential...
Flash on Chrome

Late-nite poll: Is no Flash on Chrome a non-starter?

So we've finally got a Chrome browser on Android. Huzzah. But it's missing Adobe Flash support. Uh, not huzzah. That is, for some. While Flash is going the way of the dinosaur -- an extremely slow-moving, refuses-to-die dinosaur -- being phased out it is. And for that reason, says Adobe, the new...
Chrome for Android

New browser (Chrome) doesn't support dying plug-in (Flash)

Everybody's all in a tizzy over the new Chrome for Android browser -- and rightfully so. It's likely the future of default browsing on Android going forward. But, guess what: It doesn't support Adobe Flash Player. And that should not come as a surprise to anyone. Adobe in November announced that...
Android Central

Google Chrome Beta now available for Android 4.0 devices

It's been rumored for some time, but now it's finally here -- Google Chrome has landed on Android. Android 4.0 phone and tablet owners in selected countries can now grab a beta version of Chrome from the Android Market. Chrome for Android expands on the stock ICS browser with faster performance...
Android Central

LG the latest Android manufacturer to enter into licensing deal with Microsoft

Microsoft says 70 percent of all Android phones sold in the U.S. are covered by its portfolio Microsoft today announced that Korean smartphone (and everything else) manufacturer LG has signed a licensing agreement for tablets, phones and other devices that run Android or Chrome. Like the...

Chromium web browser gets files that support a build for Android

Chromium, the open-source version of Google's Chrome web browser, got an interesting bit of code checked in a few days ago -- files and scripts that support a build for Android.  While normally we wouldn't get too excited seeing an upstream check-in about Android in an open-source project, this...
HTC Sensation Chrome

Chrome out your HTC Sensation, let it shine bright

Not a huge fan of the subdued look of the HTC Sensation? Wish that it stood out a bit more, and was more eye catching? So did the folks at Whitesites Blog, and so they took sand paper and metal polish to the device to give it an all-new chromed-out look, as you'll see above. You'll also find full...
Samsung series 5 Chromebook

Samsung brings the Series 5 Chromebook to Europe

Samsung announced today that the Series 5 Chromebook will be available in parts of Europe starting June 24.  Folks in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands will be able to get their hands on the worlds first retail Chromebook for €399 for the Wifi model (£349 in the UK) and €449...
Android Central

Google IO Day 2 Podcast

Google IO Podcast Day 2 Google IO Keynote Day 2 liveblog!Angry Birds coming to the the Chrome Web StoreChrome Web Store goes worldwide, in-app purchases coming soonFireside chat with the Android Team highlightsAndroid Market's web store receives a face-liftAndroid Market getting 4GB app sizes, devs...
Android Central

Full-length Chrome keynote video now available on YouTube

YouTub link for mobile viewingDid you miss the Google IO day 2 Chrome keynote this morning? Google has posted the full length video on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. Maybe you want to see the Chrome Web Store going worldwide, or perhaps you're dying to see Angry Birds in the browser; there were...
Chrome Web Store

Chrome Web Store goes worldwide, in-app purchases coming soon

The Chrome Web Store has made lots of headway since it's initial release -- Google took the time today to tell us all some stats behind the Web Store and the numbers are quite impressive to say the least. Developers are on board all the way and users have now downloaded 17 million apps.Now, the...
Angry Birds coming to the the Chrome web store

Angry Birds coming to the the Chrome Web Store

Chrome was the highlight of today's keynote from Google IO and while Google mostly covered the history of Chrome and it's recent growth in numbers, Rovio was invited on stage to discuss their latest project. Yes, Angry Birds is hitting the Chrome web store and it will most certainly include Mighty...

Google bids for Nortel's patent portfolio in hopes of helping Android and Chrome

Google has announced today via its blog that it has bid for Nortel's patent portfolio. They begin their blog post by chastising companies that use patents to stifle innovation and the current patent system in general. Here is the next paragraph:But as things stand today, one of a company’s best...

Chrome To Phone gets a small update

I guess the folks at Google decided it was time to update a lot of things today, all of which is likely minor preparations for Gingerbread. Either way, we'll take em. If you're making use of Chrome to phone you'll want to be sure you get that updated to the latest release made available. The...

Google Chrome team to provide free WiFi to travelers this holiday season

Google has announced that the Chrome team will be providing free WiFi to travelers this holiday season, partnering with three major airlines. They are  teaming up with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America to provide free Gogo WiFi to over 700 planes, which they are expecting to service more than 15...
Android Central

Why parents will love Google TV

  I'll admit it. On occasion, I park my kid in front of the TV. And once I have Google TV, I'll likely do it even more. Because here's the thing: Google TV's Chrome browser renders full Flash websites with ease. And that means my daughter can play her favorite PBS Kids games on a big screen and not...

Android2cloud sends info from Android to Chrome

   Possible seamless integration of Chrome and Android was first seen with the Chrome to Phone app/extension. If you haven't heard of it, check out our demo, it's very cool! Now, the reverse process, dubbed Android2cloud, allows users to send information from their phones directly to Chrome. After...



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