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There's been a lot of chatter about doubleTwist the past few days.  That will happen when you push out a desktop app and a on-device player to go along with it. I've spent the past couple days getting things ready for my HTC Evo, and setting up doubleTwist was one of them.  Hit the break for the run down and see if doubleTwist is something that might work for you too.

First things first -- you don't have to be using iTunes to use doubleTwist.  It's also a great solution for syncing all your DRM free media as well, which is what I've been doing with it.  It is a great solution for those locked in the icy clutches of iTunes though, and much better than abandoning all the media you payed for if you decide to dump your iThing :)

Next a quick look at the desktop app again.  It's pretty self explanatory, especially if you're used to that other media syncing software.  Plug your phone into your computer (using Windows for an example here. Sadly, doubleTwist does not support Linux, and I'm just not a Mac kind of guy) and turn on mass storage mode.  DoubleTwist will load up and you'll see the easy to use interface.  We've already talked about how doubleTwist will search the Android Market, and as you can see there are very nice tools for syncing all your media, setting up playlists, podcast subscription management, and even a nice built in media player.  I'm gonna use the hell out of my Evo, especially as a media player, so I'm thankful to the developers of doubleTwist for getting this ready in time for the launch of the phone.

Enough of my yakking, have a look at some pics of the desktop app.

doubleTwist syncing

syncing your Android phone

doubleTwist user profile

doubleTwist user profile

doubleTwist music library

the doubleTwist music library

doubleTwist music player

the doubleTwist desktop media player

doubleTwist picture library

the doubleTwist image library

doubleTwist podcast search

doubleTwist podcast search

doubleTwist subscription managment

doubleTwist podcast subscription management

Once you have all this multimedia synced to your phone, doubleTwist has you covered with a nice app to play it all too.  The doubleTwist app looks great, plays all your media (IMO it's one of the best podcatcher style apps), and like the desktop app, is super easy to use.  Have a look at the pics below to see a preview on a Nexus One.

 doubleTwist video playlist

doubleTwist album list doubleTwist artists list

doubleTwist app playlists doubleTwist songlists

doubleTwist now playing doubleTwist podcast player

doubleTwist podcast list

doubleTwist video podcast player

engadget's video podcast on the doubleTwist for Android player

For the first version, this app kicks some serious butt.  I'm sure it will get better with time (and hopefully a nice widget will come along) but I've already replaced some other paid apps with this one, and have no reason to think I'll be going back.

DoubleTwist is free in the Android Market, and the desktop software is free as well.  Give it a try, I think you'll like it!

[Market Link | AppBrain]

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Reader comments

Android Quick App - doubleTwist player


Ill probly use this but I wonder if apple or more likely bigole steve will throw a fit for it looking like itunes?

It has looked like iTunes since it first started a long time ago. I dint think apple cares at this point. Personally, I would love for this app to people to sync to my listen podcast subscriptions. Also wireless sync over wifi and/or Bluetooth would be amazing.

For me it's worth it just for the fact that the video files show the name of the file next to the thumbnail. Really helps me know what video I'm choosing.

It's missing any kind of video controls though. Act 1 video player has aspect ratio and brightness controls "on the fly"

If they add these features I can see myself using this as my main audio/video player

Doubletwist is slow and more complicated than it has to be on the desktop. iSyncr is as minimal and fast as possible.

The music player Doubletwist app is nice though. Nothing unique, but nice.

I see a ratings tool in there; does that mean it supports metadata? My playlists all depend on accurate metadata to work correctly and so far, the only tool I am aware of is iSyncr.

I read through the DT forums and did not come up with much.

Well after playing with it, I'm disappointed.

Android(especially now that it has full Flash)is great because you do not need a PC.

Just to get a damn podcast on your device with doubletwist you need to sync with a PC, etc..

Waste of time when there are apps that already do all of this...and in a much more convenient manner, all without the need for a PC.

This whole exercise felt like the old way of doing things. Kinda like the iPhone way.

Do you know if this will stay free? I know its in open public beta right now, but I saw that Engadget posted that they will start charging. Will people who got in on the beta still be able to use it?

I tried DoubleTwist but it totally wrecked all my album art, not even when synced to my phone, but just pulling it from my media library. I would have had to spend days trying to fix that. Unless I hear it is now a seamless/flawless transition, forget it. If I wanted iTunes or an iPhone, I wouldn't be bothering with this.

Here's a question: Does the Android app play podcasts at double-speed?
This is how I listen to all my podcasts, and is a necessary condition for me to leave my "iThing" behind.

Does anyone know if there's a way to get the Android app to ignore stuff in the ringtone's, alarms, and notifications folders?

Question for those who have used this... can the DoubleTwist player play gapless tracks? Every single music player I have used on Android inserts a pause between tracks. Not a big deal for most songs, but with the occasional songs that seamlessly flow over two tracks, they insert a pause and create a break in the music.

Honestly, for music, I don't see the benefit of this over the built-in app. Plus it doesn't tie in to Last.FM, so it's a no-go for me. It's nice that is has the video and podcast stuff, but I don't watch that many videos (besides YouTube on my phone), and Google Listen does just fine for podcasting.

This is really not a great app. Picks up things like ringtones which can be irritating if you are the kind that has different ringtones for different people.

However I have been looking for a replacement for the inbuilt app in 2.1 (which I really hate). Is there a way to go back to the built in app that used to be in 1.5?

I just want to be able to drag music over to my phone. I don't have much use for all the syncing stuff since I really don't do things that way. I just want to have an easy way to add and remove music and playlists on my phone. Is that easy to do out of the box, or do I need to find some app for that?

If you are using Windows, Songbird (and iTunes replacement) is supposed to allow that. It isn't supported on the Mac version (because of the protocol used to do it). You might try that out.

Force closes every time I try to switch to album view. Not ready for prime time. Had to uninstall.

I can't get my iTunes videos onto my HTC EVO. Does anyone have any ideas how to play iTunes videos on HTC EVO?

niiice app only complaint is play all option and a WIDGET! this is 2010 what decent app doesnt have a widget! :)