If applications are the best part of your mobile device, you probably love when we bring you some of our favorites. We are back this week with a few more, so let's hit the break and check them out!

Alex Dobie - Dropbox (Free)


If you're using Dropbox on your PC, Mac or on the web, you should also consider picking up the excellent Android app. It's just been updated with a new automatic camera upload feature, DropBoxwhich works similarly to Instant Upload on Google+. Just choose whether you want to use cellular data or Wifi only, and you're good to go. Pictures, videos or screenshots taken on your phone will immediately be pushed to the "Camera Uploads" folder in your Dropbox. As it's still in beta, you'll earn an extra 500MB of storage for every 500MB of camera content you upload.

Aside from that, you can access everything in your Dropbox right from your Android phone or tablet, just like you can through the website, or on any other Dropbox-connected device. There's also support for directly uploading anything on your SD card, and useful security features like PIN lock to keep your stuff safe. [Google Play Link]

Anndrew Vacca - Cut the Rope ($0.99)

Cut the Rope

First of all, no, I am not being lazy with my pick this week. I know everyone has heard of Cut the Cut the RopeRope, and just about everyone has played it at least once. Despite its popularity, I can honestly say, without a doubt, that it is my favorite game on any mobile platform. It's addicting to the point of dangerous-- be fully prepared to lose at least an entire day to Om Nom. It's a simple premise but executive flawlessly. Who knew cutting a rope could be so exciting? I've beat the free version a number of times, so I finally bit the bullet and bought the paid copy-- worth all 99 cents. If you've been under a rock and have managed to miss Cut the Rope so far, come out and join the land of the living. You won't look back. [Google Play Link]

Jared DiPane - Draw Something (Free / $0.99)

Draw Something

One of my recently discovered newest favorite time killers ever would have to be draw something. I am by no means an artist, but man do I have some serious fun with this. The concept of the game is Draw Somethingreally simple, pick one of the three words (each has a different value) and then draw it so the opponent can guess it. You start off with only 4 colors to use, and then you can "purchase" more with additional coins. The drawing is the fun part, you have different brush sizes, you can use an eraser, and it even shows you how the other person drew it. You don't have to be an artist to enjoy this game, in fact it is probably more fun if you aren't! If you're on the edge about the game give the free version a try, and if you end up liking it be sure to support the developer and grab the paid version! [Google Play Link]


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Android Central Editors' app picks for March 17, 2012


and not to be rude, but your comment makes you look like a jerk. Next time just skip the comments if you don't have something useful to contribute or maybe show some appreciation for a site that consistently provides timely and thorough Android news and reviews.

Or even better, how about you recommend a new app instead of complaining about their apps.

I sure hope the AC staff takes criticism better than you do on their behalf. You should calm down, it wasn't meant to be disrespectful, and what he said was entirely accurate.

I'm pretty relaxed actually, thanks. And accurate or not the comment wasn't very useful. I didn't find the suggestions very exciting either but I didn't bother complaining about it.

Maybe I just appreciate AC for their hard work and effort for regularly posting stuff for us to read, but whatever. Maybe next time instead of complaining someone can suggest a new app to try. Cut the rope was pretty old, how about They Need To Be Fed? That was recently on sale for the Play Store announcement and it's a pretty sweet platforming game with really interesting physics.


Reading my comment over I guess it was a little strong, sorry RoccOn16v. But the point is still valid. People who post complaints in the comments don't add anything valuable to the discussion. Just wish people would be more constructive with their comments.

I still don't see how I was rude to be honest. All I wanted to do was let the authors know they might try pitching undiscovered apps at us. In any case I'll play constructive.

Cerebus - awesome security app, lets you take pics from front camera on false lock pattern, display messages, disable phone remotely, etc. Free to try, 3 Euro for lifetime use.


kik - pretty cool cross platform messenger app. Even works on windows phone 7. Shows when the other person is typing, compresses photos well, etc. Free


Pocket soccer - turn based/real time soccer game, half strategy, half action sports game. Old, but haven't seen it here. Free


I've been playing with Cerberus over the past few days since I saw it mentioned in another comment. Strangely enough, my son's phone was stolen yesterday - without Cerberus installed. Knowing where it was stolen from, and the limited group that had access to it - an inquiry with "the boss" resulted in the phone mysteriously reappearing on the floor in the same room where it was stolen.

I love that the lifetime use covers up to 5 devices. My task this weekend is installing Cerberus on all our Android phones, and integrating it with Tasker and the Secure Settings plugin to removal of these apps or a factory reset of the phone.

As far as app recommendations go, what's obvious to one is not necessarily obvious to another, especially with new activations numbering 850K+; but I agree that shifting the focus to lesser-known apps would be more beneficial to long-time users.

Why, why? Because every reader here has seen or used these apps already. Remember who your reader-base is, geeks. I have been using Stumble-upon a lot lately. It is a really cool self-interest community and discovery engine.

I guess I've got to stop reading the comments here too. Seems everywhere somebody is coiled up behind the door with a mouthful of negative just waiting to spew at somebody trying to be productive. Thanks AC for the suggestions

While we're walking on nails here, apps a little more off the beaten path, or from smaller devs/indies would be cool to read about. Just a suggestion.

Just draw something, I just read they are facebook s most popular game and was wondering if they had an android app. I've been using sketch it, which is also fun. Also talkatone is now on android, similar to groove ip, but free. Groove ip also released a free version, gotta love free phone options.

thanks AC for the app picks, i've heard of both of these apps but just never picked them up, i'll probably try them now! everybody else... smoke a blunt!

Draw Something is amazing fun. Both the free and paid version work great side loaded on the Kindle Fire. I find it was easier to draw on the tablet over my phone.

Does Dropbox have a similar capability to automatically sync to a folder on Android device that the PC version has? Maybe I have just not found it but I have export any file that I would like to use to the device before I can use it.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Dropbox is ok, but Box offers 5 gigs for free. To me drawing apps are a waste of space. I think this was a pretty lazy article this week.

I like Dropbox for its simplicity, plus it's relatively easy to get up to 22GB out of your free account, haven't heard of any such promo for other services. You can Google it but... About 1GB for the Get Started tutorial + the social media linking at dropbox.com/free + 3GB for trying out the Camera Upload feature + 16GB from referrals while using a .edu address, which you can tap out in a weekend using Adwords + 2GB base plan = 22GB.

Also, thee last one is more like a social game of Pictionary than a drawing app.

Box doesn't allow you to download more than one file at a time. It's useless. I got 50 GB with them through a special promotion only to find out that it's Crippleware. Avoid.