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Here we are, back again. Another Saturday we get to spend together checking out some of our favorite applications, and sharing them with you. We know you guys have your favorite apps as well, so this week we challenge you to list them out -- we love hearing about the apps folks are using! Let's hit the break and see what we have for you this time around.

Anndrew Vacca - Fancy Widgets HD ($2.79)


When I moved from my HTC Thunderbolt to Galaxy Nexus, it was undoubtedly a huge step up, though there were a few things that I missed. Call me crazy, but at times I actually prefer HTC’s Sense to vanilla Android, particularly its widget collection. Luckily there’s Fancy Widgets, which offers weather and clock widgets that rival HTC’s in both functionality and appearance. There’s a ton of customization available, though if you want to stick with what HTC has done with their home widget, there’s a skin that’ll do the trick. Fancy Widgets uses your choice of Google or Accuweather for its forecasts, and don’t worry about those weather animations draining your battery or hogging your phone's performance--I’ve never once run into any issues  For $2.79, you can unlock even more options to create a clock and weather widget to your liking. If your phone’s widget selection is lacking, there’s no better remedy on the market today. [Download from Google Play]

Chris Parsons - The Amazing Spider Man ($6.99)


Yeah, it's $6.99 but it's a great game that Gameloft appears to of have spent a lot of time on. Unlike some of the other 'movie based' junk out there. If you're looking to play it on your phone, don't. However, if you have a tablet make sure you add this one to your list. The game is simple, you're Spiderman.. fight the bad guys save the city. Simple... right? [Download from Google Play]

Alex Dobie - Google Earth (Free)


OK, OK -- maybe I'm cheating just a little bit by choosing a Google app as my weekly pick. But the fact is that Google Earth has undergone such a major change in the recent version 7.0 update that it's definitely worth a second look. The biggest change, of course, is the new support for 3D buildings and terrain, starting with twelve European and American cities -- you'll see San Francisco in the screenshot above. And in order to highlight this, Google's programmed several virtual tours into the Earth, allowing you to take in a quick fly-by view of various landmarks in the area.

Bear in mind you'll need a fairly powerful device (and a speedy Internet connection) to handle the downloading and rendering of all this 3D stuff. That said, if you've got a newer device like the HTC One X or Galaxy S III, you're sure to be in four a real visual treat.

Google Earth, as ever, is available for free from the Google Play Store. [Download from Google Play]

Sean Brunett - Talking Ted Soundboard ($0.99)


I saw the new movie Ted this past weekend and it was pretty good. If you are a fan of Family Guy, you will most likely enjoy this film as it was written and directed by Seth MacFarlane. An Android app popped up that has aggregated many of Ted’s funniest lines and put them on a sound board for your enjoyment. Now you can relive everything the raunchy teddy bear said and even set the different clips as a ringtone, notification or alarm. *Warning* The movie Ted is rated R and this sound board contains many vulgar lines from the film, so it is not for everyone. It is available from Google Play for $0.99. [Download from Google Play]

Richard Devine - London 2012 Results (Free)


This month sees the start of the 2012 Olympic games, one of the biggest events to take place in the UK in my lifetime. There's a couple of apps that have appeared but this latest is what you're going to need to help keep track of all the goings on at the games.
An official app, this offers a full schedule of events. And, when the games are underway, will offer a comprehensive results list. And the medals table, which Team GB will be towards the top of! There's also a live channel that will be mighty useful when you're wanting to catch up with whatever is currently happening. It's also optimized for use with tablets too, which is always nice to see. It actually looks great on tablets.

You can't do a great deal else with this yet, although you can see the latest news broken down by event. Exciting times, 20 days to go as shown by the in-app countdown, and then we're off. [Download from Google Play]

Kevin O'Quinn - HD Widgets ($1.99)

Android Central

HD Widgets gives you just about every option you'd want for a widget. They are the most customizable widgets that I've used. You can customize the background color, font, layout, color of the clock, and what app launches when you click a "hotspot".

What's also nice I that when you launch the app it'll show you how to do all of this. It's a nice little tutorial. Oh, you also have just about any size widget you want, to accommodate any size screen and resolution, including six and eight icons wide. [Download from Google Play]


Reader comments

Android Central Editors' app picks for July 7, 2012


You can tell when someone has NO CLUE about programming anything and makes a comment like this. ITS $7 FN DOLLARS MAN... for a game that probably took HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of man hours to make. You expect everything to be free and ad based just cause its on Android, but that kind of logic just needs to change! Thats why we STILL TO THIS DAY see great apps that are only available to iOS crap. Cause people that buy android dont wanna pay for shit!! Sad but true!

Cast your mind back to the first response. See the humour there? Now see the replies... see the humour carried on there too? Do you think, possibly, that the $7 Spiderman comment might... just might... have been meant in the same way?

Abit harsh. The 2012 Olympics app is quite good and great to see a major app developed for tablets and phones as well as using Android design guidelines.

I love Android Central, so hopefully you'll understand that this comes from a good place, but if this is the best you can do, maybe you shouldn't have a weekly app article.

No, I think a couple of the comments are right. If this is about the quality of the weekly app picks then they might be doing it a little too often. Perhaps it's time to consider shifting it to "Android Central Editors' Apps of the Month"

They're under no obligation to do it every week. I'm simply suggesting that if they're having to stretch to fill an article every week so it can run on the weekend ("Hey guys, its Friday again, remember to get your picks in to Jared by noon so he can get the article done before close of business" is something I could believe they're having to say here.) they may want to consider doing it only once a month.

Even crackberry comes up with better apps for the blackberry O_o

Bad image for android, bad bad...

Seriously! widgets, stock and games?...
HD widgets, have that on my tablet, HTC sense makes it redundant on my sensation. Fancy widgets, why?
Google earth, got that on my tablet for fun, seriously use it on my laptop, don't need it on my phone!
Spiderman... Games are why I have a PS3.....
Lord knows why I'd want talking Ted,
London 2012!!! Try living where you're going to have to pay for it in a recession :-(

My standard go-to's:
Astro File Manager, complete with its Bluetooth module. Makes managing any Android device a breeze.
BBC News, I'm British and my television licencing fee pays for it (plus, it's simple, uncluttered and, relatively, unbiased ;-)
Business Calendar, far superior to any stock calendars I've seen.
ezPDF, simply the best PDF renderer on the market.
Swiftkey 3. 'nuff said ;-)
Tasks Free, plain, simple, uncluttered and effective.
Other than those, all Android devices come complete with the stock Google, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin apps (or should do:-)

Have to admit that I have Angry Birds (all of them) and Random Mahjong. Also find Dropbox and Evernote invaluable.

Anyone out there want to suggest any other "serious" apps :-)

To be fair, that's why it says "Editors' App Picks" and not Apps specially suited to OldFogeyRPB, or "without a doubt the best apps ever for this week". Not everyone has a PS3, and even those that do often like to pass some time on the bus; lots of people like playing games on their android devices. Additionally, I'm glad they put Google Earth in the spotlight, as I hadn't seen it since they updated it, and I'm thrilled with the changes.

Once again, these are apps that each of the guys picked for the week. They didn't all go in together and say "Let's come up with the best apps ever".

i find google earth to be disappointing. The 3d building are in way more cities than apple's iOS 6 maps, but the maps are much much lower detail.

Picked up London 2012, and HD Widgets (been looking for a nice change up from Beautiful Widgets).

To all those that like to complain.. Good grief, get a life..

Seconded, wow it's amazing the pathetic complaining going on about an article with good apps in it that is free info. OH NO THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END BECAUSE THESE APPS AREN'T TO MY LIKING -_- sheesh some people.

So instead of complaining. Let's all suggest an app you use that maybe not everyone knows about. Maybe AC will check some of them out and feature them in the future.

Some of my choices: TV Show Favs (track episodes watch), Droid 48 (HP 48 emulator), eWallet (passwords and more, can keep local copy on PC without cloud), Enjoy Sudoku, Packing List - Full, Starbuck Wifi Autologin (works at McDonald's too!)

That isn't our job. Sure we can sit here and post back and forth about our favorite apps but I come to see what the editors like. This list is pathetic and I am glad folks are finally saying something about it. Compared to Android Police's selection, this is just embarrassing. Please, just kill this segment if you're not even going to put effort into it.

"that isn't our job"

wow...why don't you just get over yourself?

You even said "I come to see what the editors like", but then bitch that their opinions aren't as good as yours... Clearly you don't like what they like, so maybe you'd be better off on another blog?

@Rap :
I second that, my picks are : ZDBox (all-in one tool app) , 3G Watchdog (for Data plans) , ES File Manager (file manager with DropBox, SkyDrive, Box & Google Drive access) , EverNote (notes)


I was gonna say the same thing, instead of complaining, why not just sugggest our own apps or make a top 5 or something?

I use Pulse alot, easy to set up and easy to use to get all my news in one place.

I think sovarek is on to something. Why don't they have a submission form for the apps of the week? It seems like the last couple of weeks that you find every day in the "editors choice" of Google Play.

What I want to see are apps I've never heard of that make life on Android easier, more fun, or whatever. Can't we have a form where people submit apps they have found that do this? The only app above that fits that bill for me is the Olympics one.

I agree that these picks are almost all very weak (although the olympics one was a good reminder that they start soon and saved me the trouble of having to go find it)

but the I also fully understand why they wouldnt bother with the "submit an app idea" as well and it should be pretty easy for everyone to see from the above comments.
Big problem with that idea is that most of you arent really diggin into the market, so they'd end up wasting man hours wading through countless submissions of common already very well known apps that are already featured in top 10s, editors picks, store front home pages, etc all over. And clearly, they could already do that themselves and have an easier time of it lol.

Even a noob wont take very long to run across swiftkey, pulse, ezpdf, and the like, i mean its not like such apps dont have millions of downloads. People would have to suggest some more legit underground stuff like Digitally Imported, or How to Tie a Tie, or Fast for Facebook.

I saw on one of the other android sites (cant remember which one...mightve been Android Police) an idea that thought was pretty good and really pushed people to explore the market. They do a weekly lil round up, but they specifically target apps with less than like, 1000 (i think) downloads.
Doing something like that is the way to go, i think.

Although I am on my second Droid now (Droid 2 Global for almost 2 years, and now Nexus - since June 18th), I am totally new to Android forums. I went a little crazy on wallpapers the other day, and downloaded a few apps that began displaying ads in my notification bar. I quickly did a little research, and learned about Ad Network Detector, and AirPush Detector, which pinpointed which apps I needed to uninstall. My cousin, an Apple Fanboy, 'gently suggested' that, had I gone with an iPhone, I would have been "protected" by the Walled Garden, and would not have been exposed to such malicious apps in the first place. Feeling that my Nexus is head-and-shoulders above an iPhone (and so was the Global), and valuing my freedom to choose apps, I am very happy with my choice of the Nexus. It is an amazing phone, and I can't put it down.
Now, my question is this: Where would be the best places to find apps that have been checked out, and found to be clean of malware and/or viruses? I am assuming that this weekly article of Editor's Picks would feature only "clean" apps. Also, I'm hoping that apps on Google Play that are shown to have been downloaded by thousands of people, and rate 4-5 stars, would imply that they are clean. And lastly, I'm learning to check which "permissions" an app requests, and to be more circumspect.
Sorry so lengthy. Any suggestions?
Thank you very much. :-)

One of the most useful apps on my phone is Llama Locations Profiles

Depending on your location or time of day or what you have plugged into your phone etc, you can have your phone turn on wifi, hotspot, change your sound profiles etc. It's so much easier to use than Tasker and it's very versatile.

Some examples I use it for are: When I'm at work, I have it change the volume on my ringer and notifications. When I'm not at home it turns off wifi so it helps save battery and when I return home it turns the wifi back on. There is literally no limitation to what you can have it turn on or off!

Give it a shot and you will love this app too!

The widgets don't interest me, as beautiful widgets has enough skins to keep me happy, and APW fills in the rest.
I didn't know Google Earth had been improved though. I'll have to give it a go.

C'mon guys, these are good apps, it may not be for you, but other people will like it (personally I like HD Widgets) !!!

Take into consideration the amount of Android phones activated every day. A lot of those people are new to Android's OS and probably have never heard of any of these apps.

HD widgets is awesome. been using it for a while.
Ted was a great movie so nice to see a decent soundboard app.
There is a live wallpaper out there too!

At least they said don't buy spiderman for your phone.

"That said, if you've got a newer device like the HTC One X or Galaxy S III, you're sure to be in four a real visual treat."

Talking so much about 3d now he's replaced "for" with "four". I'll chalk this up as a play on words...