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Gaming on an Android device is always a great way to pass some time and to have countless hours of fun while on the go. If you are into gaming, and love your Android device, be sure to check out some of our favorite Android games below.

Kurt Schutte - X Construction

X Construction

It's hard to pass up a simple yet challenging game, and X Construction is just that. The concept is simple: Build a bridge to get the train safely across the valley. The execution, however, is not so simple. It starts off slow to allow you to get the hang of constructing bridges and then the difficulty ramps up fairly quickly (even on easy). Initially, you're x-constructiongiven steel girders and then later in the game, you'll see the introduction of steel cables to help reinforce your bridge. Lots of trial and error is in store as you figure out the most rigid bridge possible given your limited resources. Along with some mind bending thought, a little comic relief is provided (make sure you have the volume up when a bridge fails). Once you've figured out each level, it's time to increase the weight of train by 25 percent or 50 percent and test your structure again. Odds are, reconstructing a bridge is in your future. X Construction and its hours of gameplay is available in the Android Market for ~$1.45 with a lite version available for download as well.  [Market Link]

Sean Brunett - Asphalt HD


I love racing games, and Asphalt HD is one of the best for Android. A Gameloft product, Asphalt allows you to use your Android device to drive a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi and more. With cool levels and hard AI, Asphalt is a must for any Android users who love racing games. Asphalt 5 is made for the higher end phones (800 x 480), (854 x 480), (1024 x 600) but there is a version (Asphalt 3) that was specifically designed for the lower powered phones. [Market Link]

Jared DiPane - MX Moto


MotoMxOne of my favorite past times was playing Excite Bike on my old-school Nintendo, and when my Nintendo broke, part of me went with it. When I found MX Moto in the Android market I knew I had to give it a shot. While the game isn't quite as old school and rickety as Excite Bike once was, it was a great alternative and I was instantly addicted. The game runs $2 but is a great game for anyone who is interested in purchasing hours of entertainment. With 19 tracks, and three game modes you are sure to be able to kept busy while playing Moto MX. [Market Link]

Chris Parsons - Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

Although many games have tried to copy Fruit Ninja, it still remains fruit ninjaas one of the top downloads in the Android Market. You hack and slash your way through pieces of fruit and learn some cool facts while doing so. Careful though, bombs are not good, 'mkay? Slice a bomb and you, are no longer ninja. You're just dead -- game over. You can grab the Open Feint enabled Fruit Ninja from the Android Market for around $2 or if you need the HD (Tegra devices) version that will set you back around $3. Great game, great gameplay. [Market Link]

There are 14 comments

thegov says:


uansari1 says:

I've found that, curiously, Fruit Slice runs much better and is more responsive on my N1.. I tried this out when Amazon had it for free on their app store, but reverted back to FS, which is free anyway..

darrylmendo says:

download stupid zombies. fun and free!

tailsthecat3 says:

fruit ninja hd is for tegra devices...not noted in the paragraph. i had to check cause i wanted the hd version but not for my evo...

Jeryl31 says:

Always loved Fruit Ninja

scaots says:

I've had X Construction for a while and it's a great time waster! I like fruit slice better than fruit ninja

El Jefe says:

I got it for free when it was the free app of the day on Amazon. Great game!

dwt10 says:

I got X Construction and its fun, but its too hard to be that fun. I just spent a good 30 minutes on Level 3 with literally 10 designs and they all fail before the train even hits it.

cowboydroid says:

You really must have at least a marginal amount of interest in engineering to have fun with this app. Always remember, triangles are your friend. I got the paid version months ago because I beat the free version in just a few hours. I still play sandbox occasionally.

El Jefe says:

I'm stuck on Level 5 for now, but the game is great. It's more of a puzzle game.

Through much blood sweat and tears, I made it to lvl 13, which has smacked me around for a few hours now...

nyc_rock says:

No Asphalt HD support for the Atrix?

Nirvana328 says:

I used to love excite bike too. MX Moto is very fun. I usually hate games where the controls are based on using the accelerometer, but it's actually enjoyable to tilt your phone and see how many flips you can do. Plus there's a free lite version in the market to try out. Thanks!

MX Moto Lite

nhf7170 says:

Fruit ninja runs great on the nook color.