Best answer: The best Chromebook you can buy from Dell today is the 13.3-inch Dell Chromebook 3380. Just know ahead of time that only the version with 16GB of storage has a touch screen, though.

Dell: Dell Chromebook 3380 ($349)

Buying into a brand

Sometimes buying a product is as easy as picking the one you like without worrying about which company made it. For some of us, though, a laptop isn't a thing you buy that way. Maybe you need it to work with other peripherals or have a line of credit, or maybe a purchasing agent has told you which company you need to buy from. The latter is pretty common when you're buying something yo use for work or for the kids to use at school, and one of the companies that is often used this way is Dell.

Dell never made a long list of Chromebook models, instead depending on just two or three to fill out their laptop portfolio. 2019 looks to be no different, and you won't find page after page of models to choose from. that makes choosing the right one pretty easy — it's the 13.3-inch Chromebook 3380.

Like many Chromebooks, the 3380 is designed for education.

Like many Chromebooks in the past year or so, it's designed for education which means it can take a fair bit of abuse and come out on top. It's not particularly a speed demon, but the Intel Celeron CPU and 4GB or memory will serve the needs of most users well and the 180-degree hinge makes it easy to set up for movie night.

One major consideration is whether or not you need a touch display. If you do it's unfortunate that only the model with 16GB of storage is available with a touch display. While you can get away with 16GB of storage on a Chromebook, most are better served with 32 or 64GB. I'd recommend the $349 model with 64GB of storage above the others.

Not having a touch screen might hamper how you use your favorite Android app, but you'll appreciate the well-built body and free shipping from Dell.

Our pick

Dell Chromebook 3380

Solid midranger

Dell might not make the flashiest Chromebooks out there, but the Chromebook 3380 is rugged and will serve the needs of most users well.

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