Which color Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 should you buy?

Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Pink Gold
Galaxy Tab S8 Plus Pink Gold (Image credit: Michael Hicks / Android Central)

The Galaxy Tab S8 offers a spec upgrade on the S7 series, but largely keeps the same design as its 2020 tablets. And unfortunately, Samsung reduced the number of color options available from four to three, leaving behind popular colors like navy and bronze. So which of the Galaxy Tab S8 colors should you choose? It's a difficult toss-up between two stylish, bright options, with one boring option bringing up the rear. So let's make sure you don't have any regrets before buying one.

Make the best of slim pickings

It's very odd that the Galaxy Tab S8 received just three color options while the Galaxy S22 has eight colors, including four Samsung.com exclusives.

At least with a phone, you can cover a boring color with an exciting case. The Galaxy Tab S8 series does have covers, and many will keep theirs primarily on a desk, but plenty of people will keep their Tabs caseless, particularly the smaller Galaxy Tab S8. The entry-level model should have received popular colors like green or burgundy that make the S22 look so striking, or kept the Mythic Bronze/navy colors available on the stylish Galaxy Tab S7.

With the Tab S8, both silver and Pink Gold have similar reflective hues that look nice enough, but definitely have a more muted and serious tone that other Samsung tablets of the past. For people who shy away from buying anything pink-adjacent, silver should make you perfectly happy. Otherwise, we've tested the Pink Gold Galaxy Tab S8+ in person, and it looks quite striking.

As for Graphite, many people prefer that serious look, and it will better match the official keyboard covers available from Samsung. If that's your preference, then you'll find it widely available in all three Tab sizes.

Whichever of the Galaxy Tab S8 colors you prefer, you'll want to order yours soon! Samsung halted preorders of the Tab S8 and S8 Ultra due to high demand, and you'll only receive a free Slim Keyboard ($160) or Keyboard Cover with Backlight ($350) if you order it before February 24. Our review of the Galaxy Tab S8 should arrive soon, but based on our brief impressions of the tablet, it easily will top our list of the best Android tablets available, topping the S7 series.

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