Samsung Galaxy S III

The roll-out of the Samsung Galaxy S III has begun in earnest. From its announcement in London a month ago to release in Europe and elsewhere, and now with preorders well under way in the United States, the GSIII certainly has positioned itself as the phone to be reckoned with in 2012. 

Following is a quick roundup of where you get preorders, and when we expect phones to ship.



Currently available for preorder from AT&T's website for $199 on contract ($549 outright) in both white and pebble blue. Currently showing arrival on or before June 21. Do note that AT&T's only offering 16 gigabytes of internal storage, whereas other U.S. carriers have 32-gigabyte versions. [Preorder from AT&T]

Best Buy

Best BuyThe big-box retailer has begin preorders at its retail locations and standalone stores nationwide. You fork over $50 now and pay the rest when the phone becomes available. (Though some folk are reporting they weren't made to buy the $50 gift card up front.) Sizing and color options should remain consistent with what the individual carriers have available on their ends. [More at Best Buy]

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Radio Shack

Radio ShackThe Shack this week announced that it's taking preorders for the Galaxy S III on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T. It's using its standard preorder process in which you fork over $50 in exchange for a gift card and the promise of a phone later. You can use the gift card toward the purchase price of the phone. Preorders currently are in-store only.


SprintPreorders are under way now, arrival and general availability expected is June 21. The phone runs $199 on contract, or $549 outright. Available in pebble blue or white, in 16GB or 32GB versions. Also comes with Google Wallet officially installed and working. (The same likely won't be said for other carriers' versions.) [Preorder from Sprint]

The Sprint version of the Galaxy S III also is available for preorder from Best Buy Mobile Solutions and [More at]


T-MobileThe Galaxy S III will be released June 21; TMo currently isn't accepting preorders online. It will have the white and pebble blue colors in both 16GB and 32GB options. T-Mobile hasn't officially announced pricing, but its version of the GSIII will have Wifi Calling available, same as on other T-Mobile Android devices. [More at T-Mobile]

US Cellular

US CellularUSCC is the smallest carrier in the initial U.S. launch. It's got the 16GB version in white and pebble blue, and the 32GB version in white only. The 16-gigabyte version will cost $199 on contract, and the 32-gigabyte version is $249. Preorders start June 12, with delivery sometime in July. USCC's Galaxy S III is one of the carriers newest LTE-enabled device. [More at US Cellular]


VerizonBig Red's Galaxy S III is available for preorder in both colors, at 16GB and 32GB storage options. It'll cost you $599 outright, or $199 on contract. Verizon's currently got the shipping date at July 9, some two weeks after other carriers. (Some folks have gotten e-mails upon ordering their phones listing a June 6 shipping date. We'd ignore that.) [Preorder at Verizon Wireless]

We'd expect to see more regional carrier announcements in the coming months, along with other retail availability. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime, be sure to hit up our Galaxy S III forums with your questions.

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