Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been officially launched, and it's available to order now around the world. In the UK, all the major mobile operators are ranging the S8 and S8+, and both Samsung and Carphone Warehouse are offering the phone unlocked and SIM-free. As usual, there's a wide range of on-contract plans available depending on your choice of carrier and service plan.

Let's take a look at each of the major online options for ordering a Galaxy S8 in the UK.

On contract

Carphone Warehouse

As usual, Carphone Warehouse is offering both Galaxy S8 models, in both color variants, on a wide range of different network options. Contracts with O2, Vodafone, EE and Carphone's own iD network are available, with the cheapest monthly plan being a £35.99, 2GB bundle on EE, with an upfront payment of £199.99. (For the S8+, that rises to £329.99).

For data-hungry users, Carphone offers a 24GB plan on Vodafone for £42 per month, with £169.99 upfront, for either device.


EE has both phones available in black and grey, with upfront prices starting at £9.99 when you pay £60.99 per month for the Galaxy S8, or £65.99 for the S8+. Both models are available with EE's "Official Samsung Pack," for a extra £88 upfront (£97.99 total), which includes a £20 case voucher, Samsung's new wireless charging pad, and a spare charging cable.

EE also offers a free 64GB Samsung microSD card for all GS8 buyers on choose one of its "Max" plans.

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Vodafone is offering both handsets in both colors, with the cheapest monthly plans starting at £32 per month (with a hefty £300 upfront charge) for 500MB for the base model S8. Voda's data-heavy 24GB plan is available for £47 per month (£30 upfront) with the S8, and £52 per month (£50 upfront) for the S8+. And both can be maxed out to 30GB for an additional £6 per month.


O2 has both phones available to order, with upfront prices starting at £9.99 (£55 per month for the Galaxy S8, £60 for the S8+.) As usual, O2's price plans can be tweaked depending on your data requirements, whether you'd prefer to pay more upfront or monthly.

Data bundles come in between 1GB and 50GB, with O2's most capacious GS8 bundle on offer for £86 per month when you pay £69.99 upfront. For the GS8, that rises to £87 per month and £79.99 upfront.


Three has both phones in both colors, with on-contract prices for the GS8 starting at £35 per month on the carrier's 500MB "Essentials" plan, which costs £35 per month and £99 upfront.

Three has a number of finite data buckets up to 12GB, and the Unlimited "All You Can Eat" plan is offered with both models too — prices start at £50 per month (£99 upfront) for the GS8, and £69 per month (£79 upfront) for the GS8+.


Samsung UK

It doesn't get much simpler than ordering a GS8 or GS8+ unlocked direct from the manufacturer, Samsung has both phones available in 'midnight black' and 'orchid grey' colors with free shipping. The regular 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 will set you back £689. Stepping up to the 6.2-inch S8+ costs £779.

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Carphone Warehouse

Carphone's SIM-free prices mirror Samsung's — £689 for the S8, £779 for the S8+, with the same two color options available for both phones.

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Unlocked Mobiles

Independent retailer Unlocked Mobiles has both Galaxy S8 models available at a slight discount compared to the standard price — £674.89 for the regular S8, or £764.98 for the S8+.

If you're picking up a Galaxy S8 or S8+ today, be sure to hit the comments and let us know which one you're buying!

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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