Galaxy Fold

Best answer: In the United States, the Galaxy Fold is exclusive to T-Mobile and AT&T. You'll need to wait until April 25 before you can pre-order it from T-Mobile or direct from Samsung, but AT&T customers can get their pre-orders in right now.

The phone's being sold at T-Mobile and AT&T

In the United States, Samsung's selling the Galaxy Fold exclusively on T-Mobile and AT&T. Carrier exclusive deals aren't as common in 2019 the way they were a few years ago, but for a device as radical as the Galaxy Fold, I suppose it makes some sense.

Along with being able to buy the Galaxy Fold from T-Mobile and AT&T, you can also buy the two carrier versions of the phone through Samsung's website. At this time, it doesn't appear that Samsung will be selling an unlocked version of the Galaxy Fold.

Pre-orders are open now for AT&T customers

If you're an AT&T customer or want to make the switch, you can pre-order the Galaxy Fold from the carrier right now both online and in-store.

You can pay the full $1980 outright cost if you'd like, or finance it for $66/month over the course of 30 months with 0% APR.

Right now, AT&T estimates that pre-orders will be delivered by April 25.

Samsung and T-Mobile pre-orders open on April 25

Outside of AT&T, pre-orders for the Galaxy Fold will open at T-Mobile and on Samsung's website beginning April 25 at 9:00 PM PT / 12:00 AM ET.

The Galaxy Fold will then go on sale the following day on April 26.

Foldable wonder

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung's most exciting (and expensive) smartphone.

The Galaxy Fold is a phone we'll be talking about for a long time to come. It's the very first foldable smartphone to launch in the U.S. and aims to change the way we think about phones as we know it. If you have the means to afford it, the Galaxy Fold is absolutely worth picking up.

Want to make your Galaxy Fold experience even more amazing? Check out these must-have accessories!

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active ($200 at Samsung)

The Galaxy Watch Active is a perfect companion for the Galaxy Fold. It's waterproof, has built-in GPS, syncs notifications from your phone, and even supports Samsung Pay. For the price, it's a crazy good deal.

Samsung Fast Wireless Charger (From $38 at Amazon)

Believe it or not, Samsung still managed to cram in wireless charging on the Galaxy Fold. One of the best wireless chargers you can get for it is made by — you guessed it — Samsung.

Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard ($30 at Amazon)

Make use of the Galaxy Fold's large tablet-like display with a wireless keyboard. From busting out emails to writing the next great American novel, this one from Logitech is a great option.

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