Like a lot of phones over the past couple of years, the Galaxy Note 9 is a big, slippery slab of glass that's just asking to be shattered at any given moment.

A lot of great cases have been released for the Note 9 since it came out, but if you're someone that likes to change accessories every now and then, you might be having a hard time finding something new to outfit your phone with.

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Thankfully, some members of the AC forums have been sharing their personal favorite Note 9 cases. Here's what they have to say.


I have been using the i-blason cases since the Note 4. I have never had issues. It's $19.99 at Amazon. ...

DARK Vader777

Spigen Tough Armor works just fine


Sup Case is what I use for ALL my android devices. I use to use UAG but they don't have screen protectors. Sup Case has an extremely durable back and a front screen cover. love this case... ...


Supcase and iBlason - same company (or Manufacturer anyway)! Awesome cases! As DebSawyer stated, I've been using them since my Note 4 as well! Some people say they're ugly but I drive a Ford F350 Super Duty so it reminds me of my truck... rugged! Don't need beauty, just protection and this case has done it through Notes 4,5 7 Galaxy S7 Active, Note 8 and now Note 9! Love them...


What about you? What case are you using for the Galaxy Note 9?

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