Google I/O 2015


We know that this year may not have been quite as sexy or exciting as years past. There was no skydiving or free Pixels, no driving cars onstage and not much new hardware. But that didn't mean that there was nothing at yesterday's announcement — far from it, in fact. While L was a new runtime and a fresh design, M looks to be the update that focuses on polishing the Android system, making our devices last longer, work more smoothly, and be more secure. While we might not have quite gotten everything we asked for, there's a lot that we did get.

So, which announcement made you scream at the livestream (or in Moscone West, if you were lucky enough to be there)?

Android M Developer Preview is here, and with it came a number of new features that we've been expecting: a new permissions system that allows you to accept and reject app permissions individually, Android Pay as a new open standard to help developers and users take advantage of safe mobile payments, and a standard fingerprint API that will allow developers to more easily implement fingerprint security (especially for things like passwords and payments). I may not be totally on-board with my fingerprint being used for so much, but at least Android will be ready by the time I warm up to it.

There were also some improvements we weren't quite expecting: Chrome Custom Tabs for apps to take advantage of the browser's saved passwords and info, Google Now on Tap, which takes contextual search and turns it up about five notches, and a new state detection power management system called Doze that will possibly double your standby times. This may not sound sexy to power users who are always picking up and setting down their phones, but for users who leave their phone on the desk or in the purse for large swaths of the day, Doze will be a godsend if it works as well as they claim.

We had Brillo for a unified Internet of Things. We had USB Type-C endorsed (who else hopes the next Moto X is getting that?). We got full-featured offline Maps (at last). We got Google Photos. We got an insane 16-camera rig to shoot VR. And we got a lot more, but unfortunately, there's only so much room in our poll.

So what excited you the most? Were you disappointed that something wasn't covered or unveiled this week? Who else thought they were gonna talk about Chromebooks for more than 10 seconds? Make your voice heard, and stay tuned for the rest of our Google I/O coverage!