Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G smartphone and you could save up to $700

Galaxy S20 Plus Review
Galaxy S20 Plus Review (Image credit: Android Central)

Interested in the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G smartphone? Verizon has the hookup for you. You can save as much as $700 at Verizon and get a $150 gift card on top of that plus a bunch of other free stuff. If you switch to Verizon and grab the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G Verizon smartphone you will get a direct $150 discount just for going for that phone. You can also save up to another $550 through the Verizon trade-in program. Plus, if you're switching to Verizon and picking up an Unlimited plan, you can get a $150 gift card sent to you after eight weeks.

Plus, if you're adding the phone as a new line with a port-in, you'll get an email with a unique link that will allow you to claim a free gift of an Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Smart Plug. That's another $65 in value you're getting absolutely free.

You will need a new line. You'll get $150 off instantly (applied over the course of 24 months) and up to $550 off (also applied over 2 years) with a trade-in. Also get a $150 Verizon Gift Card if you're switching carriers to an Unlimited plan.

Verizon is also looking out for all its customers impacted by COVID-19. You won't have to worry about late fees, and you can get free international calling to any country with a level 3 advisory from the CDC. Prepaid customers can get 300 additional minutes, activation fees can get waived, Unlimited plans have more data for hotspots, and more. In times like these, it's important to know you can always get in contact with your loved ones if you need to.

All the monetary savings will be applied to your monthly bill in the form of credits that are spread out across the length of your 24-month plan. As long as you continue to meet whatever prerequisites are required, you'll continue to see the promo credits applied.

The $150 Verizon gift card requires you to switch to Verizon from somewhere else. Once you've made the switch, just go to Verizon's Promotion Center website. Enter the code SPRINGTIME and fill out the relevant information. You'll need to do this within 30 days of activating your device. After that, it takes about eight weeks to receive the card.

The trade-in value will be worth up to $550 if you choose any of the Above, Beyond, Do, Play, or Get Unlimited plans and worth up to $250 if you're upgrading instead of doing it as a new line. You'll get $350 with any other Unlimited plan. There are a wide range of phones eligible for this trade-in program, including any iPhone newer than the iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer, the Note 4 or newer, the Pixel or newer, and more. Chances are if you have a phone from the last ten years you'll be able to take advantage of this deal.

Read more about the Galaxy S20+ in our review and figure out just why we think it's the best phone for most people.

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