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If you like to keep active and prefer your Moto 360 bands to be extra comfortable, then silicone might just be your best bet. That's because metal bands can get dinged up and leather bands can become scuffed and ruined if you're not careful.

We've rounded up the top 5 silicone bands for your Moto 360 (2015).

TYLT athletic silicone band


Straight from Motorola's site comes the athletic silicone band by TYLT, available for the men's 46mm version and the men's and women's 42mm versions. You'll just have to check whether your version has a 16mm, 20mm, or 22mm band.

It's lightweight, washable, and breathes so that it doesn't cling to your skin or arm hair when you sweat. It's quick-release design makes it easy to swap out so that you can claim a variety of styles.

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It comes in black or blue, but certainly won't leave your wrist black and blue thanks to the magic of silicone.

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TRUMiRR makes bands for the 46mm and 42mm versions of the Moto 360 and they come in six fun and funky colors. If flash and guile isn't your fancy, you can opt for dark blue, black, or gray. If you're feeling wild, you can go for red, light blue, or green.

These bands are durable, comfortable, and easy to adjust, so you're good to go, no matter the activity. Unlike leather bands that can become soggy with sweat, silicone is water-resistant and won't become weighed down or stained.

Just make sure you're getting the right-sized band at checkout.



Barton watch bands come in five rich colors and are available in 22mm and 20mm (sorry, ladies). You have your choice of black, white, Aqua Blue, orange, and Olive Green.

Unlike many other silicone bands, Barton's feature a groovy design on the outside, similar to tire tread, that offer a touch of flair.

Barton bands are water-resistant and washable so you can keep fit and have fun without having to worry about stink or stains.

Make sure you select the right size before you check out.

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Rerii has a great line of fairly basic-looking silicone bands that come in seven colors to suit your taste. Colors differ based on whether you choose the 22mm or 20mm version (there is no 16mm Rerii band).

Rerii bands start around $10, so there's no reason not to grab a few and change 'em up as you please. They're lightweight and have a stainless steel buckle, so go ahead and sweat all you want; you ain't staining a thing.

Quick-release pins make Rerii bands a great choice for folks who like to swap bands daily.

Make sure you choose the right size at checkout.



I'll start off this one by saying it's not silicone — instead, it's made of a rubber compound — but should still be included in this list (even though it's actually silicone-free).

Isofrane bands are Austrian-made divers bands, designed to follow you to the ocean floor and withstand the toughest conditions. These are easily the most expensive bands on our list, starting around $129 and sold through Aquadive.

These solidly made bands are comfortable and pliable, and backed by a 1-year warranty. You have your choice of black, orange, yellow, NATO Green, Coffee, Turquoise, or navy blue.

Isofrane's been making straps since the 60s, and they've only gotten better as time has passed.

These bands come in 20mm and 22mm, so make sure you order the right size for your Moto 360.

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Moto 360 (2015)


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