The Moto X is a phone that can stand out or blend in.

Like the original Moto X, the Moto X (2014) has been a favorite among Android Central readers and editors, some of whom use the Moto X as a daily driver. Thanks to the Pure Edition, it's been one of the more quickly updated devices in the U.S. — and it's a phone that does a whole lot right, despite foibles in other areas. If you're just getting into the Moto X owner's club, here's what you've been missing.

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Customized phones, inside and out

Custom means more than a case with a Moto X.

For some phones, customizing just means an engraving or adding a fancy case. Not for the Moto X. Through Moto Maker, you can pick between dozens of colors of plastic backs, a variety of woods, and an ever-growing number of Horween leathers, including a quite fetching red that was unveiled this week. Then you have your accent color, front-plate cover, engraving, your capacity (16, 32, or 64 GB), your custom start-up phrase, and your starting wallpaper. And you can connect your account to the device so when you receive it, all you need to put in is your password and you're off.

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What's on - or in - that screen

Moto Display is something we wish all phones could take advantage of.

The Moto X packs a 5.2-inch 1080p AMOLED display, and while the front grills on this phone look symmetrical, don't get any ideas about them being dual speakers — they're not. They do however help keep the front glass off the tabletop when you set your Moto X face-down, though we do wonder why you ever would. This is a phone that's made to be face-up, showing off its Moto Display to the world. Like its predecessor, the current Moto X lets you see notifications without turning your phone on, and easily swipe up to launch into the associated app.

What's more, thanks to IR sensors and Moto Actions, you can wave your hand over your phone like a wizard to wake Moto Display.

Moto Magic

Lots of magic to love in the Moto app.

While most of features on the original Moto X had their own app, on this year's model the major features were gathered together in a single, awesome Moto app. Here, we have the activity-based settings and features in Moto Assist, the gesture controls in Moto Actions, the notifications of Moto Display, and this year's version of Touchless Controls: Moto Voice.

While background listening has come in some shape and form to many phones, the Moto X remains one of the phones that does it the best, not to mention one of the only phones that is truly always listening.

'Stock' Android, swift updates

Stock may not make it stand-out, but it does make it fast.

Motorola, once a Google company, no longer goes to the trouble of adding its own UI customizations on top of Android. Instead the company puts its time and resources into features that add value to the "stock" Android experience. The Moto X UI looks almost entirely like stock Android, which means it'll be familiar to anyone who's used a stock device, and there's less stuff to be redesigned when a new version of Android pushes out.

Motorola has been rolling out updates quite quickly for the Moto X, especially the Pure Edition, which is free of the hassles and delays of carrier certification.

Battery points and pitfalls

The Moto X supports Quick Charge 2.0. You should absolutely invest in a quick-charger.

One of the only sticking points with the Moto X has been the battery, since most users seem to think it just isn't big enough, and to be fair, it is smaller than most other flagships. It's also non-removable and doesn't support Qi charging, so if you're hard on your phone, you'll be needing to plug up sometime during the day.

Thankfully, the Moto X supports Quick Charge 2.0, so you can pick up the Motorola Turbo Charger — or any other Quick Charge 2.0 quick-charger, if you want something smaller — and give your phone some juice quickly when you're getting low.

Whether you've had a Moto X since day one or you're just jumping in with the new storage and customization options, how have you been enjoying it? What advice would you like to pass along to your fellow users about how your phone has held up, and what they need to be aware of going in? You can answer these questions in the Moto X forums, and you can share your wisdom in the comments below!

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