The best Amazon Fire Tablet sees its first price drop for Prime Day

Amazon Fire Max 11 angled on desk
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Just a couple of months ago, Amazon came out of the gates and surprised everyone with an all-new offering within its Fire Tablet lineup. The Amazon Fire Max 11 bucks the trend of cheap-feeling Fire tablets thanks to its aluminum chassis and excellent 11-inch display. Thanks to Prime Day 2023, the Fire Max 11 is seeing its first substantial discount, coming in under $150 for the base configuration. 

The current state of Android tablets is kind of in flux, as there's a lot of competition at the low end of the market, while Samsung pretty much dominates the flagship tier. But the Fire Max 11 manages to keep up with the best Android tablets, without needing to spend hundreds of dollars. Even at its retail price of $229, the Fire Max 11 feels like a steal, so to see it at $149 for Prime Day, it's highway robbery.


Amazon Fire Max 11 (64GB): $229.99 $149.99 at Amazon

This tablet offers pretty much everything you could ask for, even with Amazon's proprietary software. It lasts for up to 14 hours, features a beautiful 11-inch display, and even has a microSD card slot.

As I noted in my review, it's still annoying that you can't just use the Google Play Store out of the box. But that can be remedied relatively quickly, provided that you're okay with installing a few APK files from the built-in browser. Even still, the Amazon App Store is filled with a lot of the same apps and games that are found on the Play Store, so you might not really feel the need to mess around with Google's stuff. 

But a tablet is only as good as the accessories that you can pair it with, which makes the Fire Max 11 Productivity Bundle arguably the best deal of Prime Day 2023. Not only are you getting Amazon's excellent tablet, but it's also paired with Amazon's Keyboard Case and USI Stylus Pen


Amazon Fire Max 11 Productivity Bundle (64GB): $354.97 $249.99 at Amazon
Amazon Fire Max 11 Productivity Bundle (128GB):
$404.97 $299.99 at Amazon

If you're in the market for a tablet that can help you get work done away from your desk, then the Productivity Bundle is the way to go. The bundle includes the Fire Max 11, a detachable keyboard case, and Amazon's USI stylus. 

So for just $50 more, you can get everything you need to turn the Fire Max 11 into the ultimate portable computing machine. I'm still regularly using Amazon's latest tablet to do everything from writing down some notes to playing a few games here and there. 

The only other downside to the Fire Max 11 is the lack of a faster refresh rate, as this 11-inch display is "stuck" at 60Hz. Chances are that this won't really be much of a deal breaker for some, but it's still worth pointing out, nonetheless. Even still, there's a lot to like about the Fire Max 11, as you can even turn it into an Echo Show of sorts courtesy of Show Mode. We just wish there was a dock similar to what Google did with the Pixel Tablet.

Andrew Myrick
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