Best stylus for the Google Pixel Tablet 2024

We've been waiting around for Google to release a new tablet for years, considering the last one to be released wasn't even running Android. Thankfully, the wait is finally over with the arrival of the Pixel Tablet. And while Google doesn't offer a keyboard case, the Pixel Tablet can be transformed into a digital notebook as long as you have a stylus.

When it comes to stylus support, you'll be able to use pretty much anything that features a rubber nib. But where the Pixel Tablet excels compared to other tablets is that it also supports USI 2.0. This is the same standard found across many of the best Chromebooks, allowing for better pressure sensitivity, along with lower latency. 

These are the best USI stylus options for the Pixel Tablet

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You can also get a "traditional" stylus

We need more USI 2.0 stylus pens

We can't wait to get our hands on the Pixel Tablet and its accompanying charging speaker dock just to see what the whole package looks like. But if there's one thing that we would have liked to see is a Google or Pixel-branded stylus released alongside the tablet. 

A big reason why is due to the lack of options when it comes to USI 2.0 stylus pens. Putting it simply, there are only a handful available, despite the standard being announced back in February of 2022. On the bright side, Penoval's USI 2.0 Stylus Pen is our current go-to and you won't be disappointed with this one. Or, you can just grab one of the best stylus options for any Android phone or tablet. 

Andrew Myrick
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