Spigen Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy S7

With enhanced shock-absorption, slim grip design, and dual-layered structure for extra protection, Spigen's Neo Hybrid case for the Galaxy S7 seems like your phone's perfect partner.

Let's take a look at the overall style, features, and design to see what works with the Neo Hybrid, and what doesn't.


Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

The first thing you'll notice is the case's feel. While the Galaxy S7 is a smooth, silky-feeling phone, the Neo Hybrid takes your device and gives it a more rugged, textured feel. The back is a rough rubber, while the frame is made out of a hard, thinner plastic, leaving room for access to buttons, ports, and headphone jack.

When you first pull the case out of the box, it doesn't seem too sturdy. The hard plastic frame bends in every direction with little-to-no force and can even be twisted to form a figure-8 shape. The rubberized back, however, is thick and flexible, and definitely feels more secure than the frame.

If your Galaxy S7 is black, then the case blends in beautifully with your phone. The plastic frame even creates a nice looking metallic accent against the matte black of the rubberized portion. The case isn't overly bulky, so you don't have to worry about it beefing up the size of your phone.

You can pick up the case in Satin Silver, Champagne Gold, or Gunmetal — but keep in mind, this only changes the color of the outer frame. The rubberized base is always black.


Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

The black rubberized base (also known as the polycarbonate bumper) and the hard-plastic frame (also known as the TPU shell) saves the device from drops, scratches and damages. The case itself isn't water-resistant (the phone is), but it's easy to remove and clean if moisture gets trapped under the case.


Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

Spigen's Neo Hybrid case is drop tested military grade, which means Spigen's protective cases have been tested by a third-party lab to be certified in Military-Grade protection. With the phone's air cushion technology, dual layer structure, and inner shock dispersion, it's clear the Neo Hybrid is designed to withstand quite a bit of abuse.

The case itself doesn't cover up any ports or speakers, and the hard plastic frame gives good access to the power and volume buttons. The rubberized, textured back helps keep your phone where you put it down, as it's not smooth enough to easily slide off of things.

The Bottom Line

Spigen Neo Hybrid for the Galaxy S7

The Neo Hybrid is a great case that does all it promises it can, while still looking sleek and being practical. So is the Neo Hybrid the perfect phone case for the Galaxy S7? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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