Speck CandyShell Card Case

When we think of personal storage within a phone cover, flip cases are usually the first things that come to mind. With Speck's CandyShell Card Case, you can enjoy that same storage, without needing an extra flap to get in the way. After a week with this hybrid case and the Galaxy S6, I was able to conclude the pros and cons of using this style cover, and will likely use it again.

The CandyShell Card certainly isn't the first of its kind — with similar cases for the Galaxy S6 like the Spigen Card Holder and the Verus Card Slot Case, the overall design isn't groundbreaking by any means, but it does what it's designed to do without unnecessary bulk making it awkward to hold or keep in your pocket.

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Since this case still maintains a bit of flexibility, installing the cover around the Samsung Galaxy S6 was pretty cake — just snap it on and go. The interior features a grippy TPU that reaches to the back side of the case, keeping your cards from slipping out while inside. There are two openings on the back that you can see your stored items through. On the left is where you slide in your bills and cards, and the other is a smaller opening that you can easily thumb-out said items. Although it has its purpose, I feel like this thumb window could have been much smaller, and takes away from the design a bit. Still, it works just fine.

Whether you're rocking the black/slate gray (as pictured) or the blue/pink version of the CandyShell Card Case, you'll notice accents around the camera, corners, ports and buttons that give the case a nice contrast. Speaking of side buttons — the TPU keeps those slightly elevated, so they're always easy to press. It was nice to see that the items I kept stored inside never managed to fall out, even when there was only a single card. Upon a few drop tests, however, that statement doesn't hold the same validity. If you drop your Galaxy S6 in just the right spot, your items will go flying, so be mindful of that.

The CandyShell Card Case looks more bulky than it actually feels in your hands, which probably has something to do with its unique design. That glossy exterior, though, is definitely a fingerprint hog. It's not very scratch resistant, either.

Our take

For storing a few items, the CandyShell Card Case holds up for basic, everyday use. I can see myself grabbing this case if I'm hitting up a bar on the weekend to meet some friends, since I'd only ever need my ID and bank card. The case isn't without its flaws, though. Those aside, it's an easy-to-grip solution against impacts that doesn't look too shabby on the Galaxy S6.

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