Saving $40 on an Amazon Echo Studio sounds like a pretty great Black Friday deal

Amazon Echo Studio
Amazon Echo Studio (Image credit: Android Central)

The best Black Friday finds are the big discounts you don't expect, like when Amazon takes nearly a quarter off of the price of it's most premium Alexa speaker. Right now, thanks to this Black Friday deal, you can get an Echo Studio for $40 off its regular price, which puts it well below $200 and competing speakers from Bose and Sonos.

It seems like smart speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but it wasn't that long ago that Amazon introduced us to the concept with the original tubular Echo device. Nearly six years later, we have more Echos than ever, as well as smart speakers from Google/Nest, Apple, Sonos, and many, many others.

For as useful as Alexa was on Echo devices, the one area that critics dinged Amazon when it came to its smart speakers was sound performance. So in late 2019, we were introduced to Amazon's answer, the Echo Studio.

The Echo Studio offers room-filling, HD and 3D quality sound that rivals more expensive speakers, even at its regular retail price of $200. But thanks to this Black Friday deal, you can pick one up for just $160. For as booming as it can sound, the Echo Studio isn't that much larger than the new Echo (4th Gen), at least in terms of how much counter or shelf space it occupies. Like those other Echos, you can combine two to form a stereo pair, or pair with your Fire TV device for even better audio when watching TV or movies.

The ultimate Echo Studio experience occurs when you set up a premium HD streaming service such as Amazon Music Unlimited HD or Tidal Music. Services like these offer millions of songs at super-high bitrates, which means you'll be experiencing the clearest and smoothest sounds imaginable.

Note that while you can take advantage of this special Black Friday pricing today, the device itself won't ship until late December at the time of this writing. Don't miss out on this great deal!

Jeramy Johnson

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