In an attempt to get remaining Galaxy Note 7s out of the hands of customers and returned to the company, Samsung is pushing out an update starting on October 31 to phones in Europe that will limit the capacity of the battery to 60%. Samsung is touting this as yet another way it's working to get phones returned to the company, adding to regular push notifications, media advisories, emails to customers and the like.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Limiting the phone's battery to just 60% capacity isn't so much a safety feature as it is hopefully a big enough annoyance to customers that they'll give up and finally return their Note 7 to Samsung, which makes it extra odd that the update isn't simply being pushed out as soon as possible. Considering there's absolutely zero reason to keep holding onto your Note 7 at this point, the update should be headed out sooner rather than later.

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Samsung claims that two-thirds of Note 7s in Europe have already been returned for an exchange or refund, which is a solid share — but we need every Note 7 out there to be returned to Samsung, and it shouldn't be taking this long. It has now been two full weeks since Samsung officially cancelled the Note 7 line and started collecting all phones that were sold and exchanged.

Press release:


Software update limits maximum battery charging capacity to 60 per cent

London, Tuesday, 25th October, 2016 – Samsung Electronics Europe today announced that it will issue a new battery software update to all Galaxy Note7 devices across the region, which will limit the maximum battery charge to 60%.

As part of Samsung's absolute focus on customer safety, the new software update will roll out across Europe from Monday, October 31. The update is the latest measure taken by the company to reduce customer risk and simultaneously drive all remaining Galaxy Note7 customers in Europe to replace their device immediately.

Other measures taken in Europe since the decision on October 11 to discontinue sales and production of the Galaxy Note7 have included:

1) Continuous communications with our Galaxy Note7 customers to keep them fully informed of the latest updates and information through and across all relevant social media channels

2) A series of direct communications, including push notifications, to Galaxy Note7 customers in Europe urging them to replace their device through the Galaxy Note7 Replacement Programme

3) Continuous collaboration and coordination with local carrier and retail partners to make the replacement process as efficient as possible for customers

4) Ongoing engagement with relevant regulatory bodies and institutions throughout Europe to ensure that all stakeholders are informed of our plans and latest messages. This includes regular dialogue with the European Aviation Safety Agency and local airlines to ensure the communication of accurate information relating to restrictions on Galaxy Note7 usage during flights

These continuous communications have contributed to driving the rate of replacement, with two-thirds of all Galaxy Note7 devices in Europe replaced to date. Customers are offered a choice of a full refund or an exchange for an alternative Samsung Galaxy smartphone, with the difference in price also refunded.

The new software update is similar to a previous software update rolled out in September to original Galaxy Note7 devices across Europe. The software update was found to effectively minimise customer risk, with no incidents reported among the devices that received this software update. Conor Pierce, Vice President of IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, commented: "Our absolute priority continues to be customer safety. This new battery software update is specifically designed to remind all Galaxy Note7 customers to replace their device at their earliest possible convenience through their local Galaxy Note7 Replacement Programme. We once again would like to apologise for not meeting the standard of product excellence that our customers have come to expect from Samsung and we sincerely thank them for their continued understanding and cooperation."

For more information on the Galaxy Note7 Replacement Programme, visit