'Cloud' storage and sync from your existing PC without a separate hardware purchase

Samsung is introducing new PC software to turn your home computer into a cloud backup location for all of your other Samsung devices. Similarly to its stand-alone hardware backup device -- the Samsung HomeSync -- this new HomeSync Lite software will install on your home PC and provide a central location for multimedia storage without any additional fees or services. The basic premise is that once you have the software installed and all of your Samsung devices linked up with a Samsung Account, you'll be able to backup and access the same content across all phones, tablets and cameras seamlessly. Content stored on the PC will be available on other devices, streaming directly between the two without an additional service.

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Now naturally this will only work with Samsung's own mobile devices -- the promo video shows tablets, phones and smart cameras -- but for those who have their whole world rooted in the one manufacturer this can be a compelling setup. As the amount of media stored piles up, the software also interfaces with external drives to expand storage. HomeSync Lite supports up to 5 users accounts per PC and up to 6 devices per user account, making this a great option for a family or shared home PC setup.

Source: Samsung