I've gone through a few cases for my Galaxy S9, from Samsung's delightful Alcantara case to the simple Spigen Liquid Crystal case, and a case from Poetic that ended up falling apart less than half an hour after I unboxed it — don't buy that one.

Until recently, I always steered clear of cases because I didn't want to detract from the design and in-hand feel of my phones, particularly when they were made with high-end materials like aluminum, stainless steel, or glass. It's not the smartest idea, I'll grant that, and these days I've wisened up a bit and started using cases more frequently, but I still go for slim ones that utilize interesting materials — that's why I've been so keen on the Alcantara case that admittedly doesn't provide much shock absorption. After getting spoiled on the leather case for my iPhone X, I decided I wanted the same material for my S9, and with a bit of searching I came across Mujjo.

Mujjo leather wallet case for Galaxy S9

Price: $49.95

Bottom line: This is the perfect solution for Galaxy S9 users looking to ditch their wallet in style.

The Good

  • High-quality, vegetable tanned leather
  • Slim design with open access to buttons and ports
  • Card slot helps you ditch your wallet
  • Available in black and olive

The Bad:

  • Not much protection around the sides or bottom
  • Card slot doesn't hold as many cards as advertised

Premium look and feel

Mujjo leather wallet case What I like

It's extremely hard to find a good wallet case for an Android phone that isn't just a slotted folio, my absolute least favorite form factor. In fact, even Mujjo only recently started making Android cases — this leather case for the Galaxy S9 is the company's first, with previous models only available for the iPhone.

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This case is terrifically well-made. Mujjo uses vegetable tanned leather for its wallet cases, treated with aniline oil that creates a deeper, richer color that wears into a nice patina over time. Though I haven't had my case long enough to see that patina form, it's easy to find dozens of users' worn cases with a quick search on Instagram. Taking a closer look at the case, there's a great-looking full grain, and yes, it even has that desirable leather smell.

On the inside of the case, there's a thin lining of Japanese satin microfiber, which protects the Galaxy S9's glass backing and provides a bit of extra padding. The Mujjo logo is etched inside near the bottom, which is a nice touch of craftsmanship. At every turn, this is a premium, high-end case that looks and feels every bit worth its cost.

Around the back is the highlight feature of the case, its wallet pouch, which Mujjo says will hold two to three bank cards. I love the idea of this, especially for a phone like the Galaxy S9 that features Samsung Pay. In theory, you can carry your driver's license and your primary credit or debit card, then store any other cards you might want to use digitally and leave your actual wallet behind. In fact, that's exactly what I've been doing, and it's been great to have a free pocket for once.

Stiff pocket

Mujjo leather wallet case What could improve

That wallet pouch is the cause of some disappointment too, however. Again, Mujjo says the case can hold two to three cards, but in my experience, even two can be a struggle. Sliding cards into the pouch is just as difficult at first as taking them back out; you can alleviate this a bit by inserting one too many cards and letting the leather stretch out.

After forcing three cards into the case and leaving it overnight, it's now much easier, albeit still a challenge, to work with two cards. You'll run into the most trouble when storing cards that feature raised text, which obviously adds a bit of thickness to the stack. I found that gift cards and flat cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred work best with this case, though I still wish Mujjo would've just used two slots like the excellent Twelve South RelaxedLeather case for the iPhone X.

The Mujjo leather wallet case also isn't necessarily the most protective. In addition to being as thin as it is, there are fairly large cutouts around the hardware buttons and all along the bottom of the phone. I actually prefer this, since a lot of otherwise great cases end up with soft and mushy buttons that make the phone a pain to use, but it likely won't keep the buttons safe in the event of a drop.

You should also be aware that wireless charging can negatively affect the magnetic strips in certain cards. Mujjo tests against this, and the cards that I've stored in the case have been fine after placing the Galaxy S9 on Samsung's Fast Charge Wireless Charging Convertible Stand, but there's the possibility that your card may no longer work at payment terminals, so it may be best to take the case off of your phone before placing it on a wireless charger.

Worth the money

Mujjo leather wallet case for Galaxy S9

I had high hopes for the Mujjo case, and to my delight, it lived up to almost all of them. I definitely wish the wallet slot were a bit less stiff, since I really can't imagine the case holding three bank cards as advertised, but it's good enough to hold two cards with relative ease (after a bit of stretching), and the vegetable tanned leather looks, feels, and even smells fantastic.

4.5 out of 5

If you're looking for the most protective case on the market, this definitely isn't it, but you know that going in. Instead, this case is the perfect companion to the Galaxy S9, allowing you to replace your wallet with digital cards and a backup for when Samsung Pay doesn't work. If that's your thing, I can't recommend this case enough.

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