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I'll admit it: I've been spoiled by gold colors and flashy fashions. When I go looking for a phone case, I want something that stands out, but far more often, cases are designed to blend in. Subtle cases allow our phones to draw less unwanted attention when using our gleaming $800 smartphones in crowded areas, and they fit a larger variety of occasions, locations, and wardrobes.

Subtle, unobtrusive cases are more generic, but that also makes them more adaptable and popular. Ringke's Onyx case for the Samsung Galaxy S9+ proves that just because a case is subtle, it doesn't have to be boring, too.

Ringke Onyx Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+

Price: $9.99

Bottom line: This is a simple case with a light-duty protection at a great price if you don't mind it being a dark solid color.

The Good

  • Lightweight protection with subtle texture near the top and bottom
  • Wide port cutouts and gentle slope to the fingerprint sensor

The Bad

  • Limited color options
  • The flat back gets a little slick in sweaty hands

Onyx ports

Ringke Onyx Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What I like

Ringke has taken a two-tone approach to its monochromatic Onyx. The majority of the back is covered by horizontal stripes, a pattern with maybe a millimeter of depth to it that it barely noticed in-hand. Meanwhile, the top and bottom of the case's back are slightly raised with a more pronounced angular texture, allowing you to recognize how far up or down the phone you're gripping by feel alone.

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The grip around the sides of the Onyx is firm, and the buttons still satisfyingly clicky through the thin silicone covering. The silicone under the fingerprint sensor is gently sloped, helping guide you up to the sensor without sliding you up too far to smudge the camera lens, and the rest of the cutouts are thoughtfully spaced to accommodate boxy OTG cables and adapters.

Port cutouts and dull colors

Ringke Onyx Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+ What doesn't work

This is a very lightweight, silicone case, and as such it's not going to provide the best protection against drops. That's the trade-off that comes with every light-duty case, but if you want some extra protection, you can stick a phone grip to the back. Phone grips can even allow you to add a pop of color to the otherwise monochromatic case; I've been using a red Spigen Style Ring and it looks fierce.

The Onyx comes in three colors, but it's a sliding scale of one color: There's a burgundy Lilac Purple, an almost black Plum Violet, and then there's the actual, factual Black. I'm not saying any of these colors are bad, but they are a bit basic, and if you've got a Coral Blue, Silver, or the newer Rose Gold variant, these cases won't compliment your phone nearly as much as a color-matched model would.

A monochrome case in a technicolor world

Ringke Onyx Case for Samsung Galaxy S9+

Ringke's Onyx case is subtle yet sophisticated. It is monochromatic without being monotonous, it is a case with depth, even if its back is flat. There are technicolor cases out there, but who says that they

4 out of 5

Do I wish there was a deep sea blue to compliment the black and purple models of the Onyx case? Yes, yes I do, but there's a reason that most women have a little black dress in their wardrobe: black goes with everything.

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