Unlike any other cases for the Galaxy S6, wallet covers have a unique appeal and unmatched functionality. Sure, everyone has their own preference for protecting their device, but having the flexibility to store the essentials of your wallet inside a phone case has its benefits and not surprisingly, its drawbacks.

Getting down to it: It's made of a faux leather, so it won't have that true leather quality to it, but it still looks and feels great in the hand. The front flap features an opening for the Galaxy S6's top speaker along with a Spigen logo directly underneath the magnetic clasp. It's a little tacky and takes away from the professional look of the case, but it's not a deal breaker.

When you open the Spigen Case Wallet S, you'll find 3 horizontal storage slots that you can use for credit cards, business cards, ID, gift cards, you name it. Next to those is vertical storage that lies underneath, meant for cash and receipts. This new redesign features a buffer at the bottom where the Galaxy S6's home button lies, keeping it from being pressed while the case is closed. Big-time brownie points to Spigen for listening to the community feedback from its predecessor and making that change.

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The opposite side rocks a polycarbonate shell that you snap the Samsung Galaxy S6 into that's been permanently attached to the rest of the case. Even while closed, you still have access to your ports and buttons, so that's a plus. On the back there's a seam in the middle that reaches from the top to the bottom, which is part of the case's kickstand feature. You simply fold the case while open and the phone sits on the inner front flap. Nothing ground breaking here, but certainly convenient. Apart from that, there's a wide cutout for your camera and precise stitching that goes around the entire case.

Color options available include black, brown, mint, and azalea pink.

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We Like

  • 4 storage slots
  • Interior buffer for home button
  • Kickstand feature

We Don't Like

  • Holding front flap while in use
  • Logo on front & back
  • Temperamental with wireless chargers

Our take

If you're after a case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 with all the bells and whistles, this is an easy yes. Spigen hasn't skimped on the design here and it really shows. For $17.99, it's not a bad deal considering the case's overall functionality.

Buy the Spigen Case Wallet S

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