Samsung S-View Flip Case

Unlike many other cases for the Galaxy S6, flip covers aren't always the easiest manage. However, Samsung has done a great job at making the S-View Case a rare exception. Having the ability to utilize the Galaxy S6 without actually opening the case means more time protected from damage and less time flipping the cover open for basic functions.

The exterior of the S-View cover is made of a durable polyurethane that's one complete piece. It features a pebbled texture that feels nice, with openings for the camera and front speaker. The other half of the case is basically a clear hard shell that's been permanently attached to the front cover. You can see the all four corners of the case which hold the Galaxy S6 in place are transparent, and make it easy to install/remove the device when necessary. A soft matte cover sits on top of the hard shell, protecting the back of the Galaxy S6 while inside.

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The front flap has a slight indentation inside for the home button, keeping the device from kicking on while the case is in your pocket or purse. Through the clear window of the S-View Case you can accept or reject calls, see incoming texts, notifications, take pictures or video, and check the weather and time on the fly. By opening the case, the screen of the S6 will automatically turn on. When closed, the S-View window activates for a short period.

On the side of the case, Samsung has marked the volume buttons so you know exactly where to press. The charging port and headphone jack are also completely accessible at all times. Keeping the clear window of the S-View case clean is a bit of a hassle, though, showing off the smudge-fest the most when the display is inactive. There's no magnet that helps keep this case closed, either. Available color options for the S-View case are black, blue, white and gold.


  • Utilize S6 without opening case
  • Works with wireless chargers
  • Excellent quality


  • Window is a fingerprint magnet
  • No storage
  • Price

Our take

There's no denying that Samsung's S-View Case for the Galaxy S6 is an excellent option for casually protecting against drops and scratches. Its quick-access window makes it easy to handle most basic functions at a glance and the case has a wonderful design that doesn't take away from the Galaxy S6. Maybe a storage slot for a credit card or two couldn't hurt, though.

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