Poll: Which upcoming 2022 flagship smartphone are you excited for?

Oneplus 10 Pro Cad Render Leak
Oneplus 10 Pro Cad Render Leak (Image credit: @OnLeaks / Zouton)

2022 is just days away, but some of next year's flagships have already launched. The Motorola Edge X30 and Xiaomi 12 are two of the first phones to be powered by Qualcomm's newest flagship chipset and look pretty promising. However, there are still many flagship devices that haven't been announced, many of which we're expecting in the first quarter of 2022.

We at Android Central want to know which unannounced 2022 flagship you're looking forward to the most, at least for the first half of 2022.

Samsung is set to make two major launches in Q1, starting with the Galaxy S21 FE. Rumors indicate that we'll see Samsung's latest "flagship killer" Fan Edition smartphone at the beginning of January, and it'll likely undercut some of the best Android phones of 2022. However, the company will likely launch its Galaxy S22 flagship series the following month, giving consumers a tough choice, especially with the rumored S Pen-touting S22 Ultra.

OnePlus is also expected to launch its next flagship series very soon, with CEO Pete Lau confirming that its smartphones will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. That's about all the official information we have on the OnePlus 10 series, but leaked images have given us a good idea of the Pro model's new design.

Not much has been gleaned about the OPPO Find X5 series. Still, we've already gotten a look at renders of the Find X5 Pro, suggesting the company may ditch the microscope camera in its uniquely designed camera array. We also know that the company plans to debut its new imaging chip with the device, which could potentially rival the computational photography of the Pixel 6 series.

Speaking of Pixel, we're not too sure when the Pixel 6a is set to be launched, but we expect it'll likely arrive around spring. It's quite a ways away, but we've already had a chance to look at supposed renders of the device, suggesting it will adopt the same design as Google's latest flagships. While it's expected to be much more affordable, it may be powered by the same Tensor chipset, so performance could be more or less the same.

Not much is known about the next Motorola Razr successor, but apparently, Motorola is looking to refine the design and equip the device with a more powerful processor. This would give it a fighting chance against the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and possibly the next-generation Z Flip device, which isn't expected until later in the year. That said, we're not entirely sure when Motorola plans to launch its next foldable, but we're hoping it comes sooner rather than later.

Of course, this isn't all we're expecting to see in the first half of 2022, so let us know what upcoming flagship launches you're excited for.

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  • I'm going trade-in my S21 Ultra for S22 Ultra
  • I have the Note 20 Ultra and I'm really considering the S22 Ultra if it comes in that luscious dark green we saw.
  • I'd save the money. With a case on, I wouldn't expect a different experience between the two phones at all.
  • Considering the same.
  • Excited is a strong word... Also the S21 FE and 6a aren't flagships.
  • The confirmation bias term is defined by what the cheapest iPhone costs, so it's apparently a very high end flagship.
  • Don't bring logic into this discussion! :-)
  • Even if they were, what would be so special about them?
  • Fold 4, if it finally brings some good cameras and 1TB storage. I'm tempted by the S22 Ultra, but I think I can wait.
  • S22 ultra looks like it's going to be a great phone... However am extremely happy with my Fold 3 and can't see me moving away from the folding/two screen devices going forward... (I have a Surface Duo too)
  • S22 Ultra for me, I've a perfectly good S21 Ultra but the lure of the return of the Note in all but name with the built in s pen and squarer design etc will be too much to resist I've always been a Note Fan I owned every other one available in the UK even the 7 or the one that went on fire! and only upgraded my Note 20 Ultra because I knew no note was coming and the trade in deal was just too good.
  • Looking forward to the flagships coming in the second half, whatever they are. Techtober releases.
  • The S22 looks good to me. Very tempting.
  • I hope there is a smaller Note 22 like the Note 10.
  • With a bigger battery than the Note 10...
  • None, they're all boring slabs of glass aside from a handful of foldables.
  • Exactly. Maybe if we had high quality Chinese phones then sure. But all phones just seem like carbon copies of one another.
  • I just can't understand how people are still excited about year over year upgrades anymore.
    Unless they start bringing moving parts into the mix, a slab is a slab. You can tell there's nowhere else to take that form factor as all that seems to change anymore are the size and quantity of camera lenses on the back of the phones.
  • Where are the cheap Holographic phones that are supposed to be the norm. Yeah yeah
  • Phones, particularly here in the states, aren’t really exciting. Foldables are intriguing but as LG exits, Oneplus goes to crap, HTC hardly exist, and Sony takes forever to launch what’s there really to be excited for anymore?
  • Not to mention OnwardMobility being silent, F(x) Tec taking a long time to launch the Pro 1-X, etc... Well there will be the new Razr and the Astro Slide will be unveiled at CES 2022.
  • Pretty sure whatever it is, it will not start with the word Pixel.
  • I'm waiting for the Z Fold 4. I love my Fold 3 so I'm assuming the 4th generation will be better.
  • I already got a flagship phone, the Pixel 6 Pro, which is incredible, so I'm good for a couple years.
  • I can't see shelling out over a thousand dollars for a Samsung Galaxy phone that doesn't have an external SD card slot. It will also be a while before any real productivity gains are realized with 5G bandwidth practical application like your phone exchanging information with non-phone devices using a fully exploited 5G bandwidth, so I will wait and continue to use my Samsung Galaxy S8+ until I have a more compelling reason to buy, other than to own the latest shiny.