You'll get a $200 gift card if you buy the Google Pixel Fold from Visible

The Obsidian Google Pixel Fold unfolded
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Although the phone technically came out in late June, buying the Google Pixel Fold has been a challenge for some folks, with retailers and wireless carriers continuously delaying orders and running out of stock. Luckily, those days appear to be over, as Visible has just launched a Google Pixel Fold deal that rivals some of the best offers on the web. Transfer an existing number to Visible and buy the Pixel Fold, and the Verizon-owned carrier will hook you up with a $200 gift card after you make three months of service payments. 

The gift card can be redeemed at a ton of retailers online, from Amazon and Best Buy to Southwest Airlines and Uber Eats. Of course, with a starting retail price of $1,799, the Pixel Fold is still very expensive, but this deal should lighten the burden if you were planning on ordering one anyway. You can also pay Visible about $50 per month to pay down the phone over 36 months. Not too shabby for a groundbreaking smartphone that literally just hit store shelves. 

Visible is giving out $200 gift cards with the Pixel Fold

Get a $200 gift card when you buy the Google Pixel Fold from Visible

Get a $200 gift card when you buy the Google Pixel Fold from Visible

Transfer your number and sign up for the Visible Plus plan, and the Verizon-owned carrier will hook you up with a free $200 gift card when you buy a Pixel Fold and make three months of service payments. No trade-in required, just great wireless service on a great phone.  

It's important to mention that this deal is only available when you sign up for the Visible Plus plan. That plan starts at just $45 per month and includes unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 50GB of Premium Network Data provided by Verizon, an unlimited mobile hotspot, and international calling to over 30 countries. Sign up before the end of July and you'll get your first three months of the plan for $35 per month when you use the code SUMMER

Is the Google Pixel Fold worth it?

If you're at all interested in exploring the world of foldable phones — and you can afford it, of course — you shouldn't miss out on the Google Pixel Fold. The phone is stunning, lightweight, and as thin as can be, with a ton of premium specs under the hood. You'll get the same Google Tensor G2 processor found in the Pixel 7 series, plus some excellent camera tech and an ultra-durable hinge that actually folds flat. We even went so far as to call it "possibly the most beautiful folding phone of all time" in our Pixel Fold review.

Again, like most foldables, the device is far from cheap, which is why Pixel Fold deals like this offer from Visible are so important. 

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