Which Galaxy S22 versions support the S Pen?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Sheath
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Which Galaxy S22 versions support the S Pen?

Best answer: Sadly, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the only S22 model that supports the S Pen. Since the Ultra lineup has taken over the Note series, you won't find the S Pen with other S22 devices.

Demise of the Note and rise of the Ultra series

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If you're looking for the best stylus for Android, the Samsung S Pen is the undeniable champion. It used to be an included feature with the Note series. Right now, however, there is only one version of the latest S22 series that comes with an S Pen in tow, and it is the most expensive of them all: the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Although you get all the latest and greatest internals with the phone and a shiny new(ish) design, the S22 Ultra bears a remarkable resemblance to the Note 20 Ultra. 

When Samsung didn't release a Galaxy Note device with the S21 series, pretty much everyone knew it in their bones that it was the end of an era. Instead, we saw the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra become the first — and at the time, only — non-Note device to come with the S Pen built-in. Despite these clear signs, many predicted that the S22 lineup would witness the return of the Note series.

Now that the Galaxy S22 series has made its debut, we can see that the S Pen has been rehomed to the Ultra series and the Note banner is no more. Samsung confirmed the demise of the Note series at the Mobile World Congress 2022, reaffirming that future "Ultra" models will feature the S Pen.

Ultra is a great Note replacement

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra S Pen Screen Off Note

(Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

So, your search for an S22 version that comes with an S Pen begins and ends with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if you associate Samsung's stylus with the Note series in a positive way. As an S Pen fan, you might even be partial towards the Note-esque form factor.

Thanks to the similar look and feel, it truly carries on the essence of the Note series, so you won't feel like anything is missing. It performs phenomenally, offers a generous amount of screen real-estate, and captures absolutely stunning photos and videos. 

For starters, the S22 Ultra accommodates the S Pen within the shell quite snugly, so you don't need to lug it around or purchase it separately as is the case with the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Then there's the rectangular glass-and-metal build, with finishes available in metallic shades that are reminiscence of the Note 20 Ultra's colorways. Even the camera arrangement hasn't changed much on the S22 Ultra, apart from the missing protective unit that previously encased the lenses on the rear. 

The S22 Ultra's S Pen isn't perfect, but there are some small improvements that make it easier to use. The new matte finish, for example, makes it less slippery. It's still a bit small for larger hands, but it's still an excellent feature.

Those of you who are still pining for a dedicated Note version of the S22 series are out of luck, but you'll get a lot of what made the Note series great with the S22 Ultra, and hopefully, that'll remain the case going forward.

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